8 Resorts World Sentosa Attractions Like Minions Park & Super Nintendo World Will Open By 2025

Resorts World Sentosa Plans Ambitious Expansion Plans By 2025

On Wednesday (3 April), Resorts World Sentosa announced its ambitious expansion plans up till 2025.

Yes, the same plan to add a 4th tower to MBS.

Disclaimer: This is photoshopped

An investment of $4.5 billion will be used to expand the destination’s floor area by 164,000 square metres — equivalent to three soccer fields.

The real artist’s impression of how it will look

Since there’s more room, it’ll naturally be filled up with new attractions to boost tourism in the island.

The expansion plans will be delivered in various phases and you can expect new attractions popping up from 2020 until it’s officially complete by 2025.

We’ve checked out all the details from Sentosa, and here’s what to expect.

1. Minions Park at Universal Studios Singapore

We’ve fallen for Despicable Me’s small and tiny Minions after watching the movie.

If you wanted to join their adventures, you can ride the immersive motion-simulator 3D ride — Despicable Me Minion Mayhem.


You can even enjoy a trip inside the super-villain laboratory with your family and buy Minion merchandise at their Minion-themed stores.


2. Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Singapore

Fans of Nintendo’s Mario and Luigi won’t just have to stick to Nintendo DS games.

Universal Studios Singapore will offer Nintendo-world themed attractions, restaurants and shops. We imagine it’ll be like hopping right into a real-life Mario Cart game and whizzing around against your friends.


Plans for Nintendo World have yet to be finalised and more details will be announced at a later date.

3. S.E.A. Aquarium

We’ve visited the S.E.A. Aquarium since we were kids so stopping by might seem boring. Soon you’ll be excited to take a return trip because it’ll become three times larger.

The Oceanarium will include three new zones such as Evolution and Extinction, Exploration and Deep Ocean, and Conservation.


You might’ve enjoyed looking at their various aquariums but the Evolution and Extinction zone will have you checking out their simulated ocean floor too.


The Exploration and Expansion area will let your kids meet Asian ocean navigators. They can also interact with holographic images of rare sea creatures and live marine animals.

Your journey should end at the Conservation zone — guests will be inspired to save our oceans thanks to special installations on climate change and pollution.

4. At least 3 spanking new hotels on Sentosa

Three new hotels will open at Sentosa in 2019.

The Barracks Hotel is scheduled to open on October 2019. Meanwhile, The Outpost Hotel and Village Hotel will open on April 2019.


In a previous article, we’ve written about the pools, rooms and activities that you can look forward to.

7 Singapore Hotels Open In 2019 For Couples Lazy To Leave The Island

5. Adventure Dining Playhouse

Whoever said you can’t play and dine at the same time?

Adventure Dining Playhouse will feature the first immersive dining and concept performance which includes Asian pirates defeating sea monsters and conquering thunderstorms. Expect thrilling acrobatic performances, jaw-dropping special effects and exciting live stunts.


The attraction will include a pre-show, multi-course meal and will require audience participation.


We’re not sure if you can focus on your food whilst watching epic performances, but there’s always a first time for everything.

6. Waterfront Lifestyle Complex

Shopaholics who believe that more malls will always be better will be happy to visit the Waterfront Lifestyle Complex.


The complex will include two new hotels with a unique concept that’s different from the existing RWS hotels.

The Crane dance will be replaced by an event zone and nightly show that can be viewed from Harbourfront and VivoCity. We expect that it’ll be a lot bigger and more spectacular.

7. MICE Facilities

Companies who want to have experiential meetings and events will be able to book spaces at the upcoming MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) facilities.


Probably the place to book besides Suntec City Convention Centre, for high impact events in the city. We’re not saying no to more warehouse sales or even an Asian leg of Comic-Con in Singapore.

8. Driverless Transport System

Exploring Sentosa’s numerous attractions can be tiring for both locals and tourists.

Fortunately, a Driverless Transport System will run along both directions of the Sentosa Boardwalk. There’ll be plenty of seats because it can accommodate a maximum of 1,800 passengers per hour per direction.

So you don’t have to chiong for every single shuttle bus that comes along.

Looking forward to the future

Sentosa will definitely be the place to hit up for boring weekends in the near future.


Most Singaporeans already know Siloso Beach like the back of our hands but these plans show that there will always be something new to expect.

While it’ll take years for these plans to become reality, we’re currently waiting for news about the Outpost Hotel and Village Hotel which will open this April 2019.

Just show us where the queue for the Mario Cart Rides begin already.

Let us know in the comments which attraction you’re most looking forward to.

Featured image from Resorts World Sentosa.

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