Return Of Superman: Bentley & William Try Kaya Toast In Singapore

Guard your heart. The following images may cause uncontrollable squealing.


Popular Korean variety show, ‘Return of Superman’ features celeb dads taking care of their adorable children.

A recent episode saw Bentley & William’s family visit Singapore on a short getaway.


An adorable ‘mukbang’ video featuring the duo trying Kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs has gone viral in Singapore.

The 12-min cut of their adventures has amassed close to 300,000 views on YouTube as of Wednesday (8 Aug).

The OG Singapore breakfast

To experience local heartland fare, the Hammingtons ventured “downtown” to an atas neighbourhood’s Toast Box.


The goal was to try Singaporean breakfast — a first for both Bentley and William.

Eggcellent way to start the day


Enter some gratuitous kopi-pulling and slow-mo buttering of kaya smothered toast.


While William struggled to crack a soft-boiled egg without creating a mess, he cracked a dazzling smile upon tasting it.


Kaya + Butter + Toast = Perfection

The family moved on to trying the holy trinity of kaya, butter and toast.


William chose to divide and conquer, licking off the kaya from each half.

Because good things must share, he offered a piece to his baby brother Woosung aka Bentley, in true Singaporean spirit.


Their dad tried to play a mini-game, by making them say ‘kaya’ before handing over the toast.

But poor lil’ Bentley shed hangry tears, for he just wanted his toast.


Eggs & toast on us forever

Although the family was caught in a sudden downpour after their meal, we hope they still enjoyed their stay here in Singapore.

The next time William comes for eggs and toast, we have a few words of wisdom for him.

Practice makes perfect, young Padawan.

Featured image from KBS World TV.