Kind S’porean Returns Winning 4D Ticket Worth $5,000 To Owner After Realising It Didn’t Belong To Him

Honest Singaporean Man Returns Winning 4D Ticket Worth $5,000 To Owner

Winning a lottery would be a dream come true for many Singaporeans. But what happens when you find out that the winning 4D ticket isn’t yours?

One Singaporean man showed us that honesty continues to prevail in our society.

According to Shin Min Daily, one Mr Yang returned a 4D lottery ticket worth $5,000 to its original owner after finding out that the ticket does not belong to him.


He realised that ticket number 4069 didn’t belong to him as the timestamp showed it was bought much earlier before he arrived at Singapore Pools.

Finding out that he had a random ticket

Mr Yang shared that he was buying 4D tickets at Singapore Pools in Redhill last Saturday (5 Oct) when he realised that one of the tickets that he had taken – number 4069 – didn’t belong to him.

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He thought at first that the betting kiosk had printed out the wrong number.

However, as Mr Yang checked the ticket, he figured out that the ticket was probably someone else’s as the timestamp shown that the ticket was bought much earlier than his visit.

He deduced that,

They must have given the ticket to me by mistake.

He realised later on that none of his own tickets had won any prizes, though the ‘lost’ ticket 4069, was one of the starter prizes.

Told to bring the mistaken ticket to police station

Mr Yang decided to return to Singapore Pools’ main branch on Monday (7 Oct) hoping to leave the winning ticket at the counter for the original owner to collect it.

However, the staff told him to bring the ticket to a police station.

Feeling like that it would be too troublesome, Mr Yang decided to seek help from Shin Min Daily, in hopes that the original owner would read their papers.

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Contacting the owner

On Thursday (10 Oct), STOMP reported that they managed to find the owner of the winning ticket thanks to Mr Yang’s efforts.

The winner was identified as a 65-year-old man, who saw the news on Shin Min Daily and contacted them right away. Apparently, he had bought many numbers on the day and didn’t check them thoroughly after leaving Singapore Pools.

He was sad when he realised that he had lost a winning ticket – number 4069 – that won a starter prize once the results were unveiled.


The man also said he’ll be splitting the prize with Mr Yang as a token of gratitude for recovering his lost ticket.

A lesson that we can all learn from

It’s not every day we get to meet people like Mr Yang, who selflessly helped another person recover a lost item.

We can all learn from Mr Yang in hopes of creating a more kindhearted and honest community in Singapore.


Featured image adapted from Shin Min Daily & Singapore Pools.

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