Boy Reunites With Singapore Airlines Flight Attendant 13 Years After Meeting Aboard Plane From London

Boy Meets Singapore Airlines Flight Attendant 13 Years After First Encounter

Nothing feels better than reuniting with someone you’ve been apart from for a long time, especially when you least expect it.

One boy recently had such a special chance reunion with a Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight attendant whom he met 13 years ago.

reunion Singapore Airlines attendant

Source: @dominickod86 on TikTok

That flight attendant was one of two who took extra special care of him on the flight from London to Singapore in 2010.

Fatefully, he was able to see her again years later by chance, despite not having exchanged any contact details.

More amazing still, he has now reconnected with the second flight attendant after a video he shared on the reunion went viral.

Boy met Singapore Airlines flight attendants while migrating to Singapore

In a video posted yesterday (2 May), TikTok user Dominick O’ Donnell shared the story of how he first met Sandy and Alice in 2010.

Sandy and Alice were two SIA flight attendants who took care of the then 4-year-old Dominick on SQ321.

Back then, Dominick was onboard with his parents as they were migrating to Singapore from London.

Alongside a goofy photo of him and Sandy, he wrote that she and Alice made him a “very happy” boy as they showered him with attention.

reunion Singapore Airlines attendant

Source: @dominickod86 on TikTok

He also shared that the pair took many photos to capture every moment they shared, and wrote him a card to wish him a belated happy birthday.

Boy held hope he would cross paths with flight attendants again

Despite the memorable encounter, Dominick and his parents lost touch with Sandy and Alice as they did not exchange contact details.

Even so, their memory stayed with him throughout his life as his parents always told him about them.

So embedded were they in the boy’s memories that whenever he recalled them, he would think of them as his childhood heroes.

reunion Singapore Airlines attendant

Source: @dominickod86 on TikTok

In his heart, Dominick always held out hope that he would cross paths with Sandy and Alice again one day.

As fate would have it, his wish (partially) came true when he met Sandy by chance while en route to London for a family trip six years later.

Boy & flight attendant stay in touch after second meeting

While flying back to London for a holiday in 2016, a 10-year-old Dominick got the reunion he had always hoped for.

After recognising his father, Sandy, who happened to be one of the cabin crew on the flight, was able to share all the photos she and Alice had taken with the family.

Dominick also shared that she had wondered what he was up to and did not expect to meet him on a flight again after all those years.

reunion Singapore Airlines attendant

Source: @dominickod86 on TikTok

The experience was an idyllic trip down memory lane, as Sandy pampered him throughout the entire flight just like she had six years ago.

This time, they were able to properly stay in touch as they finally exchanged contact details.

That said, the reunion was incomplete as Alice was not there. Sandy said she had not seen her since the initial flight in 2010.

Pair cross paths again 13 years after first meeting

In 2022, fate was once again on Dominick and Sandy’s side when their paths collided in Perth, Australia.

After finding out that they were coincidentally both there at the same time, Dominick and his family met Sandy for lunch.

While together, they even took part in a social media challenge that had them recreating one of the photos they took together during their first meeting.

Source: @dominickod86 on TikTok

Dominick then ended the video by saying that Sandy and Alice will always be a part of his childhood.

He also asked for viewers’ help to find Alice so that they can “complete the story”.

Video reaches second Singapore Airlines flight attendant

As Dominick’s video went viral, it caught the attention of the exact person he was looking for.

Hours after the video was first posted, Alice herself commented on the video, saying, “Hi Dominick…this is Alice”.

reunion Singapore Airlines attendant

Source: TikTok

Dominick appeared ecstatic to find Alice in such a way, as he said hi back with a comment in full capital letters.

Sandy herself also commented on the video and revealed it made her tear up.

Source: TikTok

She also told Dominick that he will always be her and Alice’s “little boy”.

The wholesome exchange received a flurry of positive comments from viewers who were touched by their journey.

One viewer said they felt “so complete” upon seeing that both Sandy and Alice commented on Dominick’s video.

reunion Singapore Airlines attendant

Source: TikTok

Another commenter implied that the story had moved them to tears.

Source: TikTok

Hope they can continue to stay in touch

An encounter like the one Dominick, Sandy, and Alice had is one in a million, let alone their chance meetings in the years that followed.

Now that Alice and Dominick have reconnected too, here’s hoping they can organise a meetup with Sandy sometime soon.

Who knows, we’ll see another wholesome reunion post on TikTok in the future.

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