Rigel Has Up To 50% Off Bathroom & Kitchen Gadgets For A 2022-Ready WFH Toilet & Pantry

Rigel Has Up To 50% Off Toilets & Sinks On 11 Nov

We’ve endured about 2 years’ worth of flitting between Work-From-Home (WFH) arrangements & reopening our offices.

Our best bet now is basically to zhng up our homes just in time for 2022. Whether we want to expand our WFH pantry or ensure that our ‘thrones’ are pristine & decked out with all the latest gadgets, some upgrades may be in order.

Rigel – a local bathroom & sanitaryware provider – is having a storewide sale on their flagship Lazada store & showroom gallery from 11 Nov.

Image courtesy of Rigel

Expect up to 50% off appliances & home gadgets like toilets, shower sets and kitchen sinks. We’ve copped the deets on the best deals for you below.

Sleek toilet bowls with bidets at up to 50% off

Office workers will relate to the simple joys of identifying the cleanest toilet stall to steal a break – or two – during our daily grind.

Image courtesy of Rigel

Who’s to say we can’t replicate the experience of sitting pretty on our very own golden throne in the comfort of our own home?

For those of us whose WFH office toilets are sorely in need of an upgrade, look no further than Rigel’s selection of sleek toilet bowls going for up to 50% off.

Rigel Impression WO5387S – $549 (U.P $620)
Image courtesy of Rigel

The newest model in Rigel’s Impression series boasts an anti-stain ceramic glaze that prevents skid marks from leaving eternal blemishes, and flushing technology that minimises water usage.

As room space may be scarce, some of us may be looking for a functional, but still compact WC.

Rigel Doux WC9120 – $399 (U.P $500)

We’d recommend the Rigel Doux WC9120 – also their most popular item – which spans 600cm in depth.

Compared to models that are usually 650cm deep, it’s def an affordable option going at up to 50% off the OG price.

Rigel Gallant WC9030 – $509 (U.P $610.50)
Image courtesy of Rigel

Nothing’s more satisfying than ridding ourselves of pesky clogged toilets & toilet rolls running on empty with a hygienic bidet to do the cleaning for us.

As for Rigel’s Gallant WC9030, its appeal & higher price can be attributed to a wide array of design combinations. You can choose to top up for a bidet – manual or electronic – and select an S-trap v.s. P-trap drainage system.

Rain shower sets to simulate hotel bathrooms

Most Singaporeans don’t have bathtubs to soak in at the end of a long work day, so the next best thing is probably a spacious space to shower.

We’re not talking about a showerhead you have to hold up manually, but a luxurious, rain shower that feels oh-so-satisfying as the water hits you in sheets.

RIGEL Doux Rain Shower Set (Rose Gold/Matte Black) – $589 (U.P $750)
Image courtesy of Rigel

Enter Rigel Doux Rain Shower. With adjustable water pressure & wide rain shower coverage we’re sure you’ll be able to replicate hotel bathroom experiences at home.

Rigel kitchen mixers & sinks for WFH pantries

Besides spending time in the bathroom, we’d also fondly recall our water cooler talk in our office pantries – fully kitted out with spacious sinks & prep counters to heat up our dabao-ed food.

A solid kitchen mixer should be a staple in every WFH pantry as it could make or break post meal clean-ups in every household – since your colleagues are now also your loved ones.

Rigel Kitchen Mixer MXK1141P (Matte Black/Chrome) – $280 (U.P $350)
Image courtesy of Rigel

With Rigel’s Kitchen Mixer that boasts corrosion & tarnish resistant finishes, washing up will be a breeze so your home’s boss – aka mum – will get off your case to OT to redo the dishes.

Rigel Gallant Basin (Matte Black) – $389 (U.P $500)
Image courtesy of Rigel

As for basins, Rigel’s Gallant Black Matte Basin spans 610cm wide and can be paired easily with kitchens boasting minimalist or industrial aesthetics.

Redeem $30 off Lazada vouchers till 31 Dec 2021

Besides the full suite of 11.11 deals on Rigel’s Lazada Flagship Store, you can redeem a $30 off Lazada voucher valid till 30 Dec 2021 as Rigel celebrates its 30th Anniversary.

Since you can use the voucher until end-2021, it’ll be extra useful for those who remain undecided about making a purchase.

If you’d prefer to see your dream rain shower in action, head down to their showroom for a viewing.

Rigel Showroom & Gallery
Address: 20 Changi Business Park Central 2, Level 1, Singapore 486031
Operating hours: Mon to Fri: 8.30am-5.30pm, Sat to Sun: 10am-7pm
Website: Rigel’s Flagship Store

For more deets & up-to-date info on the 11.11 & 12.12 sale, follow Rigel’s socials on Facebook and Instagram.

2022-proof your WFH toilets & pantries

So if you’ve stayed with us this far, you’re probably bent on carrying out much-needed upgrades on your WFH toilets & pantries to get them ready for 2022.

We’re not sure what’s in store just yet, but you – and your fam – definitely deserve a swanky new Work-From-Home ‘office’ after surviving 2 entire years of being colleagues.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Rigel.

Featured image courtesy of Rigel & The GG Home on Instagram.

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