Riverside Secondary May Have The Most Aesthetic Canteen Food In S’pore On Instagram

Riverside Sec Canteen Food & Instagram Feed Are Goals

In secondary school, you were probably more excited about hanging out with friends at McDonald’s than eating at the school canteen.

Perhaps it was the lure of the glorious golden fries, but canteen food somehow could never match up.

That is, until some students from Riverside Secondary decided to bring a fresh perspective to their school’s food.


Not only do they make canteen food look very Instagram-worthy, they also make us adults wish we were students again.


Kopitiam-style breakfast food

Early risers may recall having a hearty breakfast in the canteen in the wee hours before classes begin.

The simple pau or toast with a cup of hot tea seem like everyday fare, but these students have made them the stuff of every cafe-hopper’s Instagram dreams.


The aesthetically-pleasing pictures come complete with detailed captions too, very much like legit food reviews.


The descriptions are so on point that we get hungry just from reading. These students can give food blogs a run for their money.

Breakfast from Stall 1 appears to be a favourite among students from class 2/6, as seen from the subsequent posts.


Just toast and tea could be enough fuel for you to start your day.


Mouthwatering main dishes

Of course, good food aren’t just available in the morning. Riverside Sec students are well-fed through the day, with delicious options like mee goreng from the Malay Noodles stall.


We’re not sure if the flowers come with the order, but assuming they’re there for the aesthetics, we have to applaud the students for their effort.

Apparently, 2/6 isn’t the only class of social media content creators. Another Sec 2 class, 2/4, has also been posting fab food flatlays on their own account.

This dish consisting of rice, fried egg and chicken chop from Stall 4 would make you wonder if they could pair up with delivery services so you can have a taste too.


Brown rice has never looked so good.

There’s no need to splurge on pasta when you can get something just as good prepared by your friendly canteen aunty or uncle.


The $2 note is probably there to remind you how affordable school food is and how painful it is to spend on lunch at work.

More than just food

The Instagram accounts for 2/6 (@rss_2.6) and 2/4 (@twofourrrr) are run by students from these classes.

Beyond sharing their school meals, students also post about school activities like music lessons, study sessions and educational trips.

2/6 even makes memes that are pretty darn hilarious.


Cue flashbacks to all those times you almost dashed out of class but couldn’t.


Jokes aside, we’re truly impressed by the Riverside Secondary School students’ dedication towards producing such quality content.

They’ve provided a refreshing take on school life that few of us have considered before, and put social media to positive use.

Maybe other schools can learn from them and start similar initiatives to bring the class together and make school a more enjoyable place to be in.

Featured image from @rss_2.6 and @twofourrrr on Instagram.

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