Ronaldo Smashes Fan’s Phone On Ground After Man United Loss, Apologises For Outburst

Ronaldo Smashes Everton Fan’s Phone On Ground After Team’s Defeat On 9 Apr

Manchester United fans suffered disappointment as their team fell 0-1 to Everton at Goodison Park on Saturday (9 Apr).

But perhaps none were more upset at the performance than the players themselves.

After the match, Manchester United forward Cristiano Ronaldo hit a phone out of a fan’s hand, smashing it to the ground as he walked off the pitch, heading to the tunnel.


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The 37-year-old later took to Instagram to apologise for his behaviour. He also extended an invite to the fan to watch a game at Old Trafford.

Ronaldo smashes a fan’s phone as he heads to tunnel

On Saturday (9 Apr), after a tough defeat against Everton, Cristiano Ronaldo was seen limping off the field, heading towards the tunnel.

However, as he walked past a fan, Ronaldo appeared to swipe his hand toward the ground. In videos, a smack could be heard as he did this.


According to The Straits Times (ST), witnesses said he had knocked a phone out of an Everton fan’s hand.


Photos of the smashed phone on the ground later emerged online as well.


14-year-old’s hand bruised from incident

The smashed phone belonged to a 14-year-old Everton fan, Jake Harding.

His mother, Sarah Kelly, said Jake had been filming all the Manchester United players as they walked off the field. He was not even speaking when Ronaldo walked by, smashed his phone, and carried on walking.

Mirror later reported that Jake is autistic and was left completely shocked by the incident that had marred his first live football experience.

Sarah Kelley also took to social media to share about the incident. The mother expressed that she was shocked at Ronaldo’s behaviour as a professional footballer, accusing him of assaulting a child.

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She also attached a photo of what seems to be Jake’s hand, bruised by the hit it took, as well as a photo of the smashed phone.

A police spokesperson later said they were liaising with Manchester United Football Club and Everton FC following reports of the alleged assault at Goodison. They are currently reviewing CCTV footage.

Manchester United also confirmed that they will cooperate with any police inquiries.

Ronaldo apologises & invites fan to watch match at Old Trafford

Ronaldo himself later took to Instagram to apologise for the incident.

He said that it is never easy to deal with emotions in difficult moments like the one his team is facing. Despite that, Ronaldo explained that they always have to be respectful, patient, and set the right example for the younger generation.

He then apologised for his “outburst” and extended an invite for the fan, Jake, to watch a game at Old Trafford.

Manchester United’s loss against Everton left them 7th in the Premier League standings. This means the team faces the possibility of missing out on qualification for the next Champions League.

They are currently 6 points from 4th placed Tottenham Hotspur.

Professional sportsmen expected to keep emotions in check

During games, tensions are bound to run high. However, professional sportsmen are expected to keep their emotions in check, especially for a player as renowned and respected as Ronaldo.

We’re glad he realises the errors of his actions and is now trying to make amends for it.

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