Picture Of Dead Mynah Gives Everyone Feels On Reddit

It’s always a sad day when we see an animal become road-kill. But perhaps it’s even worse when you see other animals mourning them.

A Redditor on r/singapore named u/meltantantantan spotted a mynah that’d been run over, presumably by a vehicle, in the middle of the road on Wed (19 Feb).

This in itself is already depressing enough, but what makes the scene truly heart-rending is that there’s another bird hovering nearby, seemingly mourning their fallen comrade.


According to the Redditor, the surviving bird was crying and “hopping back and forth”.

Mynahs supposedly mate for life

One theory that came out from the comments was that the partner – not in crime – of the fallen bird was a mate.


Supposedly, mynahs mate for life, and they’re often seen in pairs too.

Various sites we researched also echo the same fact. This definitely makes for an amazingly depressing story of someone who lost their partner.

However, a bird that’s lost their mate will quickly find a new one, according to a site. Hopefully this one does too.


Animals can hurt too, we should show respect to them

Unlike with humans, the police don’t arrive to cordon off the area. The driver doesn’t get a hit-and-run charge either. Life just goes on.

And for animals who have to co-exist with humans, there’s always the danger that something man-made will kill them – be it in what they eat or where they nestle.

This picture is a sobering reminder that as humans, we can always do more to make our environment hospitable for animals.

We can start by not leaving carcasses in the middle of the road – do the right thing, if you happen to hit something, clean it up.

Featured image adapted from Reddit and The New Paper.