Santa Claus Spotted Riding Bicycle Around Bedok, Bringing Early Christmas Vibes

Santa Claus Spotted Riding Bicycle Around Bedok On 28 Nov

The happiest time of the year is almost here again and besides the mesmerising festive decorations, we’ll also spot our favourite jolly present-giving bearded man around.

Typically, we don’t see Santa Claus out and about but on Sunday (28 Nov), some lucky ones managed to catch sight of him riding about Bedok on a bicycle.


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Santa appeared to be bringing in some early Christmas joy as he enthusiastically waved to passers-by.

TikToker waves to Santa Claus riding bicycle

Santa might be used to Arctic temperatures where he’s from but it seems Singapore’s tropical hot sun doesn’t faze him either, despite being in a full suit.

On Sunday (28 Nov), a TikToker shared a video of a Santa Claus riding a bicycle about Bedok near Bedok Residences.

They spotted the man dressed in a full Santa suit from afar.


As he neared, the TikToker enthusiastically waved to him. The Santa did not disappoint, waving back with equal enthusiasm.


After skillfully riding his bike one-handed for a short while, the Santa then continued on his journey, spreading the Christmas joy all around.

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Seeing Santa made TikToker’s day

Santa in his bright red suit didn’t get far before he was noticed by yet another TikToker.

Even from across the road, the TikToker managed to spot him.

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In their video, they shared that they were feeling down until they caught sight of the biking Santa Claus.

They also said in their caption that seeing him wave to people as he passed them and seeing them return the wave made their day.

Netizens joked Santa’s reindeers were on leave

Seeing the Santa riding around bringing some much-needed festive cheer as Christmas neared brought many netizens joy.

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Some even joked that Santa’s reindeer seemed to be on leave this holiday season.


Others were impressed by the cycling Santa’s effort to ride around in his suit under Singapore’s blistering sun.


Kudos to Santa for spreading the Christmas cheer

Seeing Santa out and about on a bicycle is certainly something to behold. We wonder if he had a cooling system within his suit? Otherwise, he should definitely hydrate.

Kudos to the Santa for dressing up and spreading the Christmas cheer around Singapore.

If you were in the Bedok area, did you manage to catch Santa riding around? Let us know in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from Shimmerthetzu on TikTok.

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