SBS Transit Warns Singaporeans Against Fake SMSes About August List Winnings

Yesterday (6 Aug), SBS Transit posted on their Facebook wall alerting Singaporeans to a scam involving fake SMS/Whatsapp messages using their name.


The scam message apparently informs users that their names were selected as prize winners in an “August list” and encouraged them to click on a link to collect their winnings.

SBS Transit advised Singaporeans against clicking the link as it is not genuine.

Caller ID displays “SBS”

SBS Transit also warned that official text messages sent out by them comes with the ID “SBS” — as seen in the screenshot below.


They also said any other SBS-related messages originating from this ID is fake. They warned,

Please note that the sms/whatsapp is not genuine and does not originate from SBS transit.

Be careful of scams

With the recent increase in scam messages circulating in Singapore, we urge everyone to stay alert and distrustful of such messages.

Here are some things to look out for so you can tell the difference between an official text and a scam message:

  1. Caller IDs would not be in short-form
  2. Text messages are formed in proper English
  3. Text messages/calls would not ask for any form of personal information

If you’re still unsure, don’t hesitate to verify the authenticity of the message with the official company.

Featured image adapted from Slamology and Facebook.