Fake Kidnap SMSes Seeking Ransom Is A Scam, Warns Singapore Police

Kidnap SMSes A Scam, Public Advised To Stay Alert

You may think that keeping your family updated on your whereabouts is lame, but with recent safety concerns, you might want to think again.

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) issued an advisory on Saturday (1 Jun) about SMSes claiming the kidnap of the recipient’s next-of-kin.


If you’ve encountered such kidnap SMSes before, don’t panic, as they’re most likely fake.

Kidnap SMSes threaten to kill loved ones

This isn’t the first time that the police has warned us about such scams, but the anxiety that they cause is still very tangible.

We can’t blame anyone who starts panicking when they receive a text like this:


Ignore the fact that the perpetrator couldn’t even identify if they’ve kidnapped a person’s daughter or son. When someone threatens to kill your family, you have every right to be scared.

But as to any tense situation like this, it is best to keep calm and think rationally about the next best steps to take.

Thankfully, SPF has made that easy for us, by reminding us to follow these simple steps in the face of such a threat:

  1. Stay calm. Don’t reply to the text.
  2. Block the number or report it as spam.
  3. Don’t transfer any money as demanded.
  4. Contact your loved one directly to confirm their safety.

Be wary of scams

The age of the Internet and easy communication has also made it easier for criminals to target us. Therefore, we have to be extra cautious of safety risks and learn to deal with them calmly.

If you’re aware of such threats that could potentially harm the public, don’t hesitate to call the police hotline at 1-800-255-0000 or visit their website.


Only dial ‘999’ for emergencies, where you require urgent Police assistance.

Hopefully, such cases will not surface again, so that all of us can have a peace of mind.

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