New WhatsApp Scam In S’pore Tricks You Into Sharing Your Verification Code

WhatsApp Scammers Will Pretend To Be On Your Side

Scammers on WhatsApp have recently thought of a new trick, the Singapore police warned on Wed (29 May).

First, they add you into a group and share screenshots of verification codes – the ones you have to input when logging in on a new device – and announce like concerned citizens, that ‘scammers’ are trying to log into their accounts.

They then try to log into the WhatsApp accounts of other members in the group, which will prompt verification codes.

We know how Singaporeans love to share stuff. So when those members receive the codes, some of them will post it onto the group as a way of saying “eh, it’s also happening to me.”

Ta-da, the scammers just gained free access into those WhatsApp accounts.


Increasing number of WhatsApp account takeovers

Since Jan 2019, there has been at least 90 cases of WhatsApp account hijacks.

In all those cases, the victims had been duped to give up their 6-digit verification code.

The police has since been advising Singaporeans to be careful not to tell their verification code to anyone — unless you’re real certain that the person on the other end can be trusted.

Reversing a scam

In the unfortunate event that your WhatsApp account is taken over by a malicious person, you should immediately log onto your account on your phone and remove access from the foreign device.

All in all, just remember — never give out verification codes. The same goes for any account, especially important ones like your SingPass and bank accounts.

Featured image from Forbes.

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