SCDF Debunks Misconception That Paramedics In Protective Gear Means Suspected Covid-19 Case

The sight of paramedics donning full protective gear, wheeling a patient into an ambulance can be quite a jarring occurrence.


Since the first case of the novel coronavirus – now known as Covid-19 – in Singapore, many have shared videos and pictures like that on social media, advising people to avoid an area once medical staff donning protective gear are seen in the vicinity.

However, SCDF paramedics wear the same outfit for all medical cases they handle, including non-Covid-19 cases, reports Channel NewsAsia (CNA).

Hence, such posts might easily confuse Singaporeans who are deeming places unsafe, based on sightings of paramedics and their patients.

SCDF officers don protective gear for all cases as its DORSCON orange

According to CNA, SCDF paramedics will put on their personal protective equipment (PPE) for all cases now that the DORSCON level is at orange.


This is a precaution to protect our emergency medical staff.


Netizens are debunking false reports on social media

However, netizens continue to share pictures and footage whenever they see an ambulance accompanied by medical staff in PPE.

Here’s one such example, taken outside a mall in Chinatown:


Some misunderstand typical medical cases as suspected coronavirus cases, sparking unnecessary fear.

Do not be alarm if you see medical personnel dressed in protective gear

Now that know about the SCDF’s mandatory ‘dress code’ during this period, share this article so your friends and loved ones do not fall for fake news, which might lead to unnecessary fear and anxiety.

Instead, remind those around you to upkeep good hygiene during this period by washing their hands often with soap and water, and to wear a mask if feeling unwell.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and YouTube