SCDF Fire Engines Can Beat Red Lights & Make Illegal U-Turns From 1 Jun In Emergencies

SCDF Fire Engines Are Exempt From The Road Traffic Act Starting 1 June

In a fire-related emergency, every second it takes for the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) could make a difference between life or death.

To make sure every second counts, SCDF vehicles will be able to beat red lights and make illegal U-turns starting Saturday (1 Jun).


Exempted from Road Traffic Act

In 2017, ambulances were exempted from the Road Traffic Act.

However, SCDF recognises that every life is important. Naturally, this benefit should be extended to life-saving vehicles of other types.

From tomorrow onwards, fire engines, red rhinos, and fire-medical vehicles can also be excused — only when responding to fire, rescue and medical emergencies.

Still observes road safety

It won’t make sense if these vehicles risk the lives of others while protecting life.

So even though they can beat red lights and make illegal U-turns, there are restrictions.

Drivers will have to come to a stop at junctions when there is a red light. They can only beat the light when there is no oncoming traffic.


The same rule applies when they are going to make illegal U-turns.


Vehicles also need to have their sirens and blinker lights turned-on so oncoming traffic is alerted to their presence.

Keep away from an SCDF vehicle

If it’s been too long since you last took your driving test, you are actually required to change lanes when an emergency vehicle is flaring its sirens behind you.

So please be gracious when you see an emergency vehicle even when approaching a traffic light.

However, if you are at the opposite junction, don’t stop to let an emergency vehicle pass as a sudden halt could result in more accidents.


Hopefully, with the new update in the law, more lives can be saved.

Featured image from YouTube.

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