Customer Allegedly Finds Screw In Spaghetti From Jollibee Lucky Plaza, Urges Others To Be Careful

Customer Allegedly Finds Screw In Spaghetti From Jollibee Lucky Plaza

Finding a foreign object in one’s food is the last thing anyone wants when digging into their favourite meal.

Unfortunately, that was what allegedly happened to one woman when she found a screw in the spaghetti she bought from Jollibee’s Lucky Plaza outlet.

screw spaghetti Jollibee

Source: Instagram

As she and her daughter were dining in together, the discovery troubled her further as there could have had been dire consequences for her child.

The woman has since highlighted the incident on Instagram in hopes of raising awareness and reaching out to the relevant parties.

Customer finds metal screw in spaghetti from Jollibee Lucky Plaza

On Thursday (16 Mar), Instagram user Mrs C shared a series of Stories chronicling the incident.

In her entries, she shared a picture showing what appears to be a bent metal screw in a spaghetti dish allegedly from Jollibee’s Lucky Plaza outlet on Wednesday (15 Mar).

In another post, she expressed her horror at finding the screw, especially when she thought about how she could have mistakenly fed it to her daughter.

screw spaghetti Jollibee

Source: Instagram

Although she was grateful to have found the screw, Mrs C added that the discovery gave her anxiety up until this day.

Earlier, she had hesitated about publicising the incident since Jollibee is a brand that’s “very close to [her] heart”.

screw spaghetti Jollibee

Source: Instagram

Furthermore, she felt that it was a “rare occurrence” and did not want to compromise any livelihoods over it.

Advises others to “mix spaghetti well”

Ultimately, Mrs C decided to bring the incident to light due to a sense of responsibility towards the public.

She warned others to be cautious when dining at Jollibee and advised them to “mix their (your) spaghetti well”.

screw spaghetti Jollibee

Source: Instagram

Her reasoning was that there may be other “spare parts”, possibly hinting at the screw being an unwanted ‘ingredient’.

Additionally, she took the opportunity to tag Jollibee’s global and Singaporean Instagram accounts.

In doing so, she wanted to get in touch with the fast food chain’s management to file a complaint.

screw spaghetti Jollibee

Source: Instagram

Hopes to raise awareness to relevant authorities

Speaking to MS News, Mrs C said that she would like the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) to look into this matter.

At present, customers who have food hygiene or safety-related concerns may raise them via the feedback form on SFA’s official website.

While Mrs C declined to provide further information, she shared that she has been feeling guilty since it happened.

As Jollibee appeals to kids, she said she only hopes that she did her part to inform and share her experience so that others — especially families — will be extra careful.

In response to MS News‘ queries, Jollibee emphasised that they “take these matters very seriously” and have reached out to the customer “to find out more about the incident”.

We hope that Jollibee will manage to get in touch with the customer and resolve the issue. More importantly, we hope that such an incident won’t happen again.

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