Volkswagen Goes Against Traffic In Thrilling Sembawang Car Chase, 31-Year-Old Driver Arrested

Sembawang Car Chase Happened At Around 1.20am On 12 Sep

Update (12 Sep, 3:15pm): According to a Singapore Police Force (SPF) spokesperson, a 31-year-old driver has been arrested for dangerous driving, driving without a license, and suspected drug offences.

Another male passenger remains at large after fleeing on foot.

Traffic police officers reportedly signalled for the car to stop while on CTE near Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1. The driver instead sped off, which led to a high-speed car chase.

Car chase scenes of are pretty common in movies, but it’s not every day that you get to see one happening in real life.

Yet that was what residents in Sembawang witnessed in the early hours of Saturday (12 Sep).

Dashcam footage on social media show several police vehicles chasing after a Volkswagon which was allegedly travelling against traffic along Canberra View.


The Volkswagen later crashed into a tree and a man was seen arrested by the police.

Sembawang car chase ended with vehicle in the middle of footpath

In the footage, 2 traffic police motorbike and a car were seen whizzing by as they attempt to chase after a white Volkswagen going against traffic on the opposite side of the road.


The chase reportedly happened along Canberra View at 1.20am on Saturday (12 Sep).

According to, the escaping car went extremely close to other vehicles. It isn’t clear if any accidents happened as a result.


The Volkswagen Scirocco allegedly crashed into a tree and ended up in the middle of a footpath. Heavy police presence was seen around the car.


Going by the surroundings, the crash happened along Canberra Street near the EastCrown BTO flats.


In the aftermath of the crash, a man was seen running towards the nearby HDB blocks. A traffic police officer promptly gave chase.


In a separate photo, a man appears to have been handcuffed next to the car.


An Sgfollowsall contributor claims the arrested man was the one behind the wheels while the other who bolted was a passenger.

The contributor also said that dogs from the K-9 canine were subsequently brought in to have a sniff at the car.

An ambulance was later seen at the site of the crash, reportedly to convey the driver to a nearby hospital.


You can watch the clips of the pursuit and its aftermath here.

Hope nobody was injured

While car chases like these are no doubt thrilling and exhilarating, they are extremely dangerous. We hope nobody was injured as a result of it.

When stopped by the police, simply cooperate and do not make their jobs harder than it already is.

At the end of the day, even if you try to run, chances are, they will still catch up to you.

Featured image adapted from Facebook

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