Yishun Restaurant Will Send Noods To Your Doorstep, Netizens Are Amused

Given how ubiquitous delicious food is in Singapore, it is often easy to succumb to the temptation of a late-night snack.

But food isn’t the only thing that people crave at night, some people also have other ‘urges’ that need satisfying too.

Well, ‘Send Noods’ – a noodle restaurant in Singapore – might just be the only establishment capable of quenching both ‘thirsts’.


This noodle place will provide customers with some wholesome ‘noods’, all while entertaining them with their punny yet suggestive dishes.

Wide selection of ‘noods’ keep your relationship with food interesting

The store offers a wide selection of noodles, so you are guaranteed to find one that you fancy.

Some days, all you need is a comforting ‘Cuddle Me Pattaya Mee’ to end your day on the right note.


For those more adventurous with a particular liking for danger, you might like the ‘Choke Me Shiok Mee’ instead.


Perhaps you would like to have some good old Maggi noodles complete with eggs and greens.


Or maybe all you want is some ‘Meow Meow Pattaya Kuey Teow’ that is the purrfect companion for a stay-in night.


Sides to satisfy your thirst

Despite its name, noodles aren’t the only dishes that the restaurant serves.

These sassy sticks of satay will serve as the perfect ‘teaser’ to your main dish.


Other side dishes like fries and onion rings are available too.


The store’s drink section is aptly titled ‘Still Thirsty??’ with a wide assortment of drinks that are sure to excite you.


Netizens can’t decide if they love it or hate it

Netizens seem to have mixed feelings about these suggestive dishes.

Some are uncomfortable with the idea. This netizen expressed discomfort in consuming these “sexually charged noodles”.


Others simply loved the humour behind the ‘Send Noods’ stall.


And then there is this netizen who has been longing for a suggestive food establishment like Send Noods.


One thing’s for sure, people are definitely amused by the stall.

Send Noods, not nudes

Love it or hate it, we have to give creative points to the folks behind Send Noods for managing to inject some fun into the mundane act of ordering food.

You can Send Noods via GrabFood, foodpanda, and Deliveroo.

Remember kids, stay classy — Send Noods, not nudes.

Featured image adapted from Deliveroo