Sengkang HDB Facade Looks ‘Mouldy’ After Just 5 Years, Jamus Lim Says They’re Working On It

Sengkang Resident Bemoans ‘Mouldy’ HDB Facade At Anchorvale Parkview

UPDATE (6 Jan, 2.15pm): Sengkang MP Jamus Lim has responded to the incident, explaining that the affected buildings are located beside a river and get more direct sunlight.

Acknowledging the “poor” state of the blocks, Prof Lim said there are plans to accelerate the seven-year cycle for repair and redecoration (R&R) works, and request residents’ patience for the time being. You may read his response in full below.

New HDB blocks often come with an immaculate appearance. So imagine the horror one resident felt when she realised how “mouldy” her estate in Sengkang had become after just five years.

Recently, the resident in question took to Facebook to air her frustrations while showing pictures of the exterior of blocks in her estate, many of which appeared ‘stained’.

Source: Facebook

She has since lodged a complaint with Sengkang Town Council (SKTC) but was allegedly told to wait for a new coat of paint, which will come in two years’ time.

Sengkang resident likens ‘mouldy’ condition of HDB estate to a haunted house

On Wednesday (4 Jan), the resident took to Facebook to share about the condition of her HDB estate.

Source: Facebook

According to the OP, it has only been five years since the BTO project was completed, marked by the end of the minimum occupation period (MOP).

However, given the “mouldy” facade, the resident compared the blocks to “haunted houses” and said that they look like they’ve been around for 30 years.

The estate shown in the pictures seems to match the appearance of Anchorvale Parkview — a BTO project completed in 2017.

In the pictures attached, the facade of the blocks appeared ‘stained’.

Source: Facebook

That was similarly the case at the nearby multi-storey carpark and rubbish chute.

Source: Facebook

In addition to the exterior, the OP added that there was “mould” on the ledge directly outside her window.

Source: Facebook

Over the past weekend, the OP claimed that she spent 16 hours cleaning her house due to her son’s hives and allergies.

Town council allegedly said fresh coat of paint will come in about 2 years’ time

According to the resident, she has since lodged a complaint with SKTC.

In response, they allegedly told her that she’d have to wait two years or more for a fresh coat of paint.

MS News has similarly reached out to SKTC for comments on this incident and will update this article when they get back.

Sengkang GRC MP Jamus Lim has since responded to the incident, acknowledging that the state of the blocks is “poor”, and that they look older than what they are.

Prof Lim highlighted that the affected blocks are located next to a river and come into contact with “a fair bit of direct sunlight”.

He also pointed out that another contributing factor could be the choice of paint.

Many “new builds” are apparently not painted with the most anti-mould paint but are often ‘upgraded’ during the first round of R&R works.

Prof Lim said he’s in communication with the town council and they’re working on a plan to accelerate R&R works for the cluster, so it’d happen before the seven-year mark.

This is, however, subject to approval and the necessary procedure.

You can read Prof Lim’s response in full here:

Source: Facebook

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