25 Legit Telegram Channels In S’pore To Scroll Daily For 1-For-1 Promos & Useful Updates

25 Popular Telegram Channels In Singapore

Whether you’re a Telegram newbie or a veteran, your life will be easier with nifty features offered by the popular messaging app, such as groups, channels, and bots.

Today, young Singaporeans have shifted to Telegram, where they can join channels of specific interest, such as guides to adulting in Singapore, attractive food promos, free beauty samples, new events/activities, student lunch deals, and 1-for-1 staycation deals.

Here’s a curated list of Telegram channels to join if you’re always looking for weekend activities or well-timed opportunities to save money.

1. SG Food Deals – food deals & promos in Singapore

A channel dedicated to every Singaporean foodie so you can keep tabs on the latest food deals in Singapore. You can also gain exclusive access to a list of free/discounted food, beverages and desserts you can claim on your birthday month!

SG Telegram channels

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Join here: https://bit.ly/msnewsxsgfd

2. SG Halal Deals – promos at halal outlets in Singapore

Deals at halal-certified places can be hard to come by. But following the right channel allows you to sit back and leave the hunting to SG Halal Deals. From food hawkers to restaurants, they keep you up to date with the latest halal promos and deals in Singapore.

SG Telegram channels

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Join here: https://t.me/SGHalalDeals

3. SG Student Promos – dedicated group for student deals

Students are probably the envy of most adults primarily because of the student specials they get to enjoy at popular places. Gen Z peeps can keep an updated list of ongoing student lunch deals in 2022 all in one place. Refer to this list for daily savings — but do note that students will require a valid student pass to enjoy these deals.

SG Telegram channels

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Join here: https://bit.ly/msnewsxsgsp

4. BENGS FLOWERS – floral exchange platform

Gifting a bouquet of flowers to someone you love shouldn’t break your bank. If you’re looking to send flowers to make someone’s day, here’s a helpful platform to turn to. On lucky days, you can expect flash sales and great deals going as low as $15 for single-stalk rose bouquets.

SG Telegram channels

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Join here: https://t.me/BENGSFLOWERS

5. SG Adulting 101 – your guide to adulthood

Every adult needs a guide to their first BTO, insurance, credit card, and personal finance because these areas can be a tad complex to navigate if you’re going in blindly. This channel has a variety of easy-to-digest infographics so you can pick up life knowledge and skills every adult should have.

SG Telegram channels

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You can look forward to learning more about which credit card students can apply for, must-have insurance for every working adult, and how to get started on managing your personal finance — information readily available in bite-sized pieces.

Start here: https://bit.ly/msnewsxsga

6. SG Budget Babes – beauty & fashion deals

Constantly keeping your eyes peeled on the internet for the next beauty or fashion sale is a well-known habit among many thrifty women. If you’re someone who loves restocking your favourite skincare or getting that fancy dress you’ve been eyeing only when there’s a sale, this Telegram channel is for you.

SG Telegram channels

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Get notified of upcoming sales from favourite local brands, international brands, free samples, 1-for-1 deals, and promo codes.

Join now: https://bit.ly/msnewsxsgbb

7. Uchify –  home & living inspo for BTO owners

Whether you’re a BTO owner or an aspiring one, Uchify serves valuable content on all things home and living. Besides renovation inspo and maintenance tips, you can also keep up to date with the latest BTO releases and new residential projects across the island.

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Join now: https://t.me/budgetbabes

8. Lovet SG Fans – marketplace for Lovet shoppers

If you’re already familiar with our local fashion brand, Lovet, you’ll know how popular it is among Singaporean ladies. This Telegram channel lets you purchase or sell your Brand New With Tag (BNWT) Lovet pieces, trade with other sellers, or buy over their preloved pieces at a more affordable price. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

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Join now: https://t.me/lovetsgfans

9. LTASingapore – essential transport updates

Yep, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has its own Telegram channel, tailor-made for information like the latest news about our land transport network, official updates about active mobility, roads and traffic-related information, and more.

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Join now: https://t.me/LTASingapore

10. SG Weekend Plans – ideas for weekend activities & events

After spending two consecutive years in Singapore without travelling, it’s understandable when we run out of fresh ideas on what to do during the weekends. This Telegram channel brings you the latest events and activities on our little red dot. Look out for lobangs on guided tours to uncovering local hidden gems, such as water biking in Pasir Ris.

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You’ll also be notified of money-saving deals and discounted activity/event tickets, all in one place.

Join now: https://bit.ly/msnewsxsgwp

11. SG New Movies & Shows – show & movie recommendations

Movie buffs in Singapore can also have a community to call their own on Telegram. This channel runs a poll occasionally among their community of movie-goers. Get a heads-up if a movie is highly recommended by viewers or if the latest trending Netflix show is worth catching.

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Join now: https://bit.ly/msnewsxsgnm

12. Gov.sg – important updates from the government

During the pandemic, Gov.sg was one of the most important Telegram channels to follow, as they regularly helped everyone learn about the newest health and safety protocols with useful infographics and bite-sized information.

Even though we’re living with Covid-19 now, the channel remains relevant to us, bringing nationally significant updates. Some news we can expect to see from the channel today include Team SG’s performance in the Commonwealth Games 2022, as well as the occasional inspiring slice-of-life videos, which inform audiences of the various government schemes available.

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Join now: https://t.me/Govsg

13. SG Parent Things – family-friendly activities & parent deals

A tightly-knitted community of parents who want IN on discounted family-friendly activities, baby products, free trials on confinement meals, toys on sale, and parenting tips in general. Unlike SG Weekend Plans, this channel curates all activities and events that are specifically kids-friendly so that you’ll have a family fun weekend together.

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Join now: https://bit.ly/msnewsxsgpt

14. SG Cab Promos – verified cab promo codes

Cab promo codes are often fully redeemed in a flash because it’s an FFF – fastest fingers first – world out there — or it’s simply because they know the right platforms to follow. You don’t have to feel dejected for long, as you’re now poised to be in the know about verified cab promo codes via this Telegram channel. Hopefully, you’ll stand a better chance to claim them now.

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Join now: https://bit.ly/msnewsxsgcp

15. Rain Korkor – timely weather updates

Wouldn’t it be useful to know when it’s going to rain so you can decide whether to hang your clothes outside to dry or leave them hooked indoors? Rain Korkor does just that.

Technically, this isn’t a channel, but if you opt for automatic updates, it could also function as a channel, letting you know whenever it rains in your selected region.

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Using current weather imagery from the National Environment Agency (NEA), you’ll get to see via pictures and gifs the formation of rain clouds, the intensity of rain, and the direction the clouds are being blown toward.

Join now: https://t.me/rainkorkorbot

16. PUB Flood Alerts – stay safe during rainy weather

Speaking of rain, this brings us to our next useful channel, PUB Flood Alerts. When there’s heavy rain, you’ll receive the latest alerts on potential flash floods in Singapore, courtesy of PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency.

They’ll let you know the water levels in drains that have reached 90% in areas throughout Singapore and how long we should avoid them.

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Join now: https://t.me/sgflood

17. SG Tech & Games – free games & tech promotions

The world of tech and gaming is filled with everyday wonders and unique worlds to explore. If you’re looking for free games to download or a good sale to check out for electronic devices, consider following SG Tech & Games today.

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Join now: https://bit.ly/msnewsxsgtg

18. SG PAssion Deals – lifestyle deals for PAssion Card holders

If you are a PAssion Card holder, you’ll want to know all the perks you are entitled to. Catch a whiff of the latest offerings from PAssion Card on this channel, such as online courses, fitness classes, useful lifestyle tips, and F&B or activity promotions.

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Join now: https://t.me/SGPAssionDeals

19. SG Travel Promos – travel & staycation deals

Now that international borders have reopened, the long-awaited travel boom is finally here. This is the best time to scour airfare deals, 1-for-1 staycation promotions, and discounted attraction tickets.

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Join now: https://bit.ly/msnewsxsgtp

20. SG Fitness & Health – fitness & health-related activities

Whether you’re kickstarting your fitness regime or thinking about leading a healthier lifestyle, this Telegram channel is all about adding value to your wellness journey. You’ll get notifications on discounted sportswear, free fitness trials, and recommended gadgets to track your fitness and health.

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You can also gain access to gym membership promos, yoga bundle sales and even an updated list of cycling, hiking spots or new sports activities.

Join now: https://bit.ly/msnewsxsgfh

21. KL Weekend Plans – things to do in KL

This is your one-stop centre to get notified of fun events happening in Kuala Lumpur, ranging from festival celebrations to new activities in the capital city of Malaysia. Explore exclusive deals or discounted activity/event tickets for your weekend plans in KL.

Join now: https://bit.ly/msnewsxklwp

22. SG Giveaways & Freebies – lucky draws & giveaway opportunities

Looking to save a dollar or two before your next paycheck? This Telegram channel is chockful of the latest lucky draws and giveaway opportunities in Singapore. Try your luck and stand a chance to win free products or even a complimentary staycay at your favourite hotel.

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Join now: http://bit.ly/msnewsxsggf

23. SG Property Deals & News – latest condominium projects

If you’re in the market for a new home, or looking for a property to invest in, this Telegram channel is a must-join. Keep up to date with the latest condominium projects in Singapore, complete with prices. You might even score a chance to view exclusive show flat previews and gain early access to brochures.

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Join now: http://bit.ly/msnewsxsgbp

24. MY Food Promos – food deals & promos in Malaysia

This one is for those who are looking for a food adventure across the causeway. Foodies can look forward to deals such as 1-for-1 promotions the next time they’re in the country. Otherwise, stay up to date with the latest happenings such as food festivals, and plan your next trip well in advance.

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Join now: http://bit.ly/msnewsxmyfp

25. MY Makan Murah – food deals & promos in Malaysia (Malay language)

This channel is similar to MY food promos but specially curated for Malay-speaking foodies. Expect food promotions and discounts, as well as the latest food events in Malaysia.

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Join now: http://bit.ly/msnewsxmymm

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