7-Eleven Locator Bot On Telegram Lets You Find Nearest Outlet With Slurpee Machines

Telegram Bot Will Locate Nearest 7-Eleven Store With Slurpee Machines

In sunny Singapore, we are always finding new ways to beat the heat.

However, for those who resort to drinking an ice cold Slurpee, you may find yourself disappointed that some 7-Eleven stores are not equipped with the machine.

Thankfully, a Redditor created a bot that can find the closest 7-Eleven Slurpee machine to you.

7-Eleven SlurpeesSource

The bot can be found on messaging app Telegram and is simple to use, letting you cop a Slurpee quickly on a sweltering hot day.

The Slurpee Network bot is easy to use

All you have to do is to tap a pretty big button.

7 eleven slurpee bot

Then, you will be prompted to share your location.

7 eleven slurpee bot location request

The bot will use your location to find the nearest 7-Eleven outlet equipped with a Slurpee machine.

slurpee bot location ID

Finally, click on one of the store IDs and the bot will provide you with a location pin for you to make a beeline towards.

Location pin

Now, all you need to do is to pray that the Slurpee machine is working.

The process so easy that you can find a store faster than the time it takes to get brain freeze.

The bot can be found via this link.

Slurpee lovers rejoice

Slurpee lovers were understandably relieved to have this bot. Gone are the days of confused stumbling from one 7-Eleven store to another to find a Slurpee.

Commenters sang praises to the Redditor u/MeePokUncle who created the bot.



Recommendations for other useful bots

Other Redditors recommended that the creator should expand his army of locator bots to include McDonald’s dessert kiosks and Gulp drink machines.



Technology making life easier

With the help of apps, we don’t have to waste time searching for stores because of an outdated directory or map.

From checking the weather & bus timings, to calling a ‘karang guni’ uncle, there is surely a bot for any task you can think of.

SG Bus Uncle botSource

Kudos to these Singaporeans for finding ingenious ways to make life easier for us.

Featured image adapted from USA Today.

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