Sengkang HDB Lift Suspended For 2 Months After Shooting Up To Top Level & Injuring Resident

Sengkang HDB Lift Not Working Since August After Abrupt Malfunction

A lift in Sengkang’s Block 158D Rivervale Crescent abruptly malfunctioned and shot up to the top level, injuring a resident inside.

Since the incident in August, the lift has been down for maintenance.

According to the town council, it will be fixed next month when parts arrive from overseas.

Lift malfunction at Sengkang HDB block results in only one usable

The lift malfunction at Block 158D Rivervale Crescent occurred in August, and since then, it has been unusable, Shin Min Daily News reported.

Source: Shin Min Daily News on Facebook

With only one lift operating during peak hours, a resident was concerned that it wouldn’t be able to handle the increased load.

Waiting times have also increased at the 18-storey block, which has six flats per floor.

Sengkang lift malfunctions in August, delays in report submission: BCA

The Building & Construction Authority (BCA) told Shin Min Daily News that it received a report on 24 Aug of the lift malfunction, resulting in an injury to a resident.

She reportedly sustained bruises on her shoulders.

The town council was then ordered to stop lift operations and appointed a technician to investigate the cause of the accident as well as take appropriate measures.

Following investigations, the technician submitted a report on 23 Sep, stating a brake malfunction was the cause of the accident. BCA then took necessary measures the next day.

However, BCA said it did not receive the final investigation report until 20 Oct.

To ensure public safety, it will review the report to ensure that the investigation and restoration work meet standards.

Following the incident, BCA conducted checks on the other lifts in the same block and found they were working normally.

Town council says repair works delayed to mid-Nov

A notice posted by Sengkang Town Council stated that repair works on the lift would only begin in mid-Nov 2022 as BCA’s approval was only given on 26 Sep.

Source: Shin Min Daily News on Facebook

According to the town council, this meant there was an overseas shipment delay for the lift parts.

It is working with Fujitec Lift to ensure the lift meets maintenance requirements from BCA before the lift is activated.

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