Malaysia Ranks 39th In World Sexiest Accents, Singapore Doesn’t Even Make The List

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Top 50 Sexiest Accents In The World Doesn’t Include Singapore

Singapore is a culturally diverse country. However, our everyday spoken language is still English.

Yet for some reason, we didn’t make the list of the top 50 sexiest accents in the world posted by Big 7 travel website.

How can liddat one?

Malaysian accent sounds American

The Malaysian accent is apparently ranked 39th in the world. However, we have integrated aspects of it to ours as well.


Based on the list, the Malaysian accent being increasingly Americanised was cited as a reason.

Are they saying that the only reason Malaysians are ranked 39th is that they are starting to sound like Americans? That sounds just a little inflammatory. Just a little.

Is that all it takes to earn a spot on this list?

I guess only the creators of the list will know.

Chinese accent is “soft”

As a majority Chinese country, how did we not even make it on par with the Chinese accent?


Singaporeans can also speak in varied tones. In fact, we take it to the next level with our emotional investment when speaking.

Just look at our S-hook lady as a perfect example.

Indian accent is like music to the ears

Even as a minority, Indians are one of the 4 biggest ethnic groups in Singapore.

So why didn’t our accent make it?


Surely, Singaporeans can speak quickly as well.

Just give us a topic of interest like ERP or CPF and you can be sure we will speak quickly – we might not be easy on the ears though.

Singapore not on the list

Singapore may be the first in the world for many things but apparently, accents aren’t one of them.

If they didn’t completely forget our existence, there can only be one other reason.


Singaporeans aren’t in the list because we can’t be defined by any of them.

We are all of them.

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