Buyers Should Return SG Diagnostics ART Kits As They’re Not Meant For Home Use

SG Diagnostics Asks Customers To Return ART Kits If They Were Bought For Home Use

Self-diagnosing yourself with antigen rapid test (ART) kits has become the norm in the fight against Covid-19.

However, not all ART kits found online are suitable for home use.

SG Diagnostics ART kits, which are only meant for clinics and healthcare institutions, were apparently being sold online.

SG Diagnostics has hence asked that customers who bought them for home use should return them.

SG Diagnostics asks customers to return ART kits improperly sold for home use

The Straits Times (ST) reported on Tuesday (12 Oct) that SG Diagnostics is calling for the return of all test kits which were improperly sold for home use.

It said, “We strongly urge all those who are trying to sell or distribute our product as home test kit to immediately cease all such actions.”

According to the Health Sciences Authority, ART kits from this company are only allowed for use by professional service providers.


Such providers include healthcare institutions and clinics.

The company clarified that the kits don’t have any quality defects.

ART kits being sold online

It turns out that the ART kits were being sold on online platforms like Carousell and Shopee.

However, checks by MS News show that the listings have pretty much been taken down, though Google search results reveal that once upon a time, such kits were indeed being sold.


The platforms have likely been informed in advance that the sales were not allowed.

Returns can be made to supplier

According to ST, if you did buy such ART kits made by SG Diagnostics for home use, you can return them to the supplier and ask for a refund.

You can call the SG Diagnostics hotline at 80305766 or send an email to

ST reports that the company is investigating the kits’ appearance on online platforms.

Check if your ART kit is suitable for use at home

Not all ART kits are meant for home use.

While some are approved, others like those in this case are only approved for use by professionals.

You can check the HSA website to see which ART kits you can buy, so that you won’t have to return or refund them if you buy the wrong one.

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Featured image adapted from SG Diagnostics.

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