Sharity Merchandise Now Available Online

Some Singaporeans would recall their first foray into charity back in primary school, as teachers handed out envelopes featuring a pink elephant.

Along with that came the quarterly Sharity Funtimes newsletters which informed students about community outreach programmes and how they could help the less fortunate.


The mascot, Sharity, eventually became a key influencer in shaping our sense of compassion towards the less fortunate at a tender age.

As we continue to work on that into adulthood, there’s no better way to revive the enthusiasm and caring spirit than by reminding ourselves through nostalgic Sharity merchandise.

Not only will we be helping the disadvantaged communities through our purchases, but parents can also inculcate the values of caring and sharing in their kiddos.

Stationery for the quintessential Singapore student

Nothing excites schoolchildren more than a trip to the bookstore, where they can buy stationery, along with some adorable knick-knacks.

While your child may have already amassed all the latest cartoon stationery, they might be missing one iconic mascot from your childhood.

This A5 lined notebook with Sharity embossed on the soft cover will add a sophisticated touch to their collection while keeping things lively with its bright colour.

Sharity™ A5 Lined Notebook – $14.90
Image courtesy of Community Chest

Parents can also get one for themselves to keep as a journal documenting important events or personal memories.

With pages upon pages to doodle on, you’d need a writing tool to do that with, which is where this pencil set comes in handy.

Sharity™ and Friends Pencil Set – $9.90

The good thing is, the pencils are 2B too, so the kids can use them for exams if they need to.

A stationery run isn’t complete without extra perks to reward the little ones, like this activity and sticker book, which makes learning values fun and purposeful.

Sharity™ Activity & Sticker Book – $12.90

While adorning their prized possessions with Sharity and Friends stickers, young ones can challenge themselves with exciting activities like a crossword puzzle, a generosity bingo sheet, and more.

After completing the tasks, they’ll hopefully understand more about values like generosity, inclusivity, and respect.

Sharity elephant accessories for the memories

Parents can probably imagine how enjoyable it’d be to get the kids excited about cute stationery and keep them away from their mobile devices.

Now that you’ve accomplished that, why not treat yourself to nostalgic merchandise, too, like this foldable tote bag.

Lightweight and waterproof, you can have this ready in your work bag or handbag for quick trips to the supermarket.

If carrying the Sharity tote will have you reminiscing about your early school years, you’ll likely recall this familiar illustration of Sharity elephant from back then.


Good news for you, nostalgic folks, as Community Chest is bringing back the iconic big red heart in their Sharity Message with a Hug Note Set, though with a unique twist.

Sharity™ Message with a Hug Note Set [50 sheets per set] – $8.90
Image courtesy of Community Chest

The 50-sheet set levels up into a 3D standee when you interlock Sharity’’s arms into a hug.

That way, the affirmation messages you leave on the note sheets will brighten anyone’s day even more, as they come with a special hug from Sharity.

Shop for Sharity-themed merchandise while donating to charity

Your many online shopping sprees since WFH started probably made you feel like money was vanishing as quickly as you were receiving it.

But when purchasing any Sharity elephant merchandise, you’d be pleased to know that all the proceeds will go towards a good cause.

100% of proceeds will go towards helping more than 80 charities supported by Community Chest that benefit adults with disabilities, children with special needs, youth-at-risk, families in need, persons with mental health conditions, and vulnerable seniors.

So you won’t only be getting some retail therapy, but you’d also be doing your part to uplift the community.

To get your hands on the exclusive merchandise before they run out, you may visit the Sharity online shop here.

To keep the kiddos up to date with Sharity and friends, follow them on Facebook or Instagram for the latest deets.

Bond with the family through fun yet charitable activities

Ever since the pandemic hit, wholesome stories of people helping each other, primarily through these tough times, have kept the community going.

Though not everyone may carry out such significant gestures, we can still contribute what we can and rope our family in too.

That way, we’ll be able to grow closer through acts of charity and inculcate human values that’ll hopefully carry on for generations to come.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Community Chest.

Featured image courtesy of Community Chest and by MS News.