Shihlin Taiwan X GrabFood Promo Is Valid Till 17 Feb

Found yourself having to eat grass after losing your fortune over Chinese New Year (CNY) ban luck?

Not to worry, consider yourself saved from having a cow’s diet, thanks to GrabFood’s latest promotion.

$1 for fried chicken and fries

From now till 17 Feb, Shihlin Taiwan’s XXL Crispy Chicken and sweet plum fries are going for just $1 when you order them via GrabFood.


Those who made a New Year’s resolution to eat healthy will also be relieved to learn that Shihlin Taiwan uses healthier oil in its frying process.


The chicken skin and fat have also been removed so you don’t have to worry about having your arteries clogged.

Accompanying the bigger-than-your-face XXL Crsipy Chicken is another of Shihlin Taiwan’s speciality — sweet plum fries.


Lightly fried but generously dusted with Shihlin Taiwan’s homemade plum powder, these fries will surely be a welcoming sight for those who miss McDonald’s seasonal shaker fries.

Delivery’s free too!

We know every dollar counts when you’re broke AF after CNY ban luck. So you’ll be glad to know that delivery’s free-of-charge as well.

Do note that this GrabFood x Shihlin Taiwan promo is available only from 2pm onwards daily, till 17 Feb, so better make the most of it while it’s still valid.

Featured image from Pinterest and Noob Guidance