Ex-SIA Air Stewardess Reveals Economy Class Lobangs To Get Free Cakes & Alcohol When Flying

Ex-SIA Air Stewardess Shares In-Flight Hacks To Get Free Cakes & Alcohol

Many of us now rushing to book a flight with Singapore Airlines (SIA) have probably forgotten about the various in-flight hacks to have an enjoyable journey.

Fear not, however. An ex-SIA air stewardess has taken to TikTok to remind us of several tricks to make our flight as comfortable as possible.


#stitch with @princessanna Knowing the hidden drinks menu!! 🍻🍸🍷 what drinks can you order? Is it free? Do you need to pay? #singaporeairlines #fyp

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In a two-part series, she informs viewers on which menu items are free of charge. She has also shared other tips enabling passengers to make the most out of their journey.

However, she has also warned viewers to go easy on the in-flight crew, as they will be serving all passengers on the flight.

Free drinks on economy flights in SIA

In the first TikTok video posted on 25 Mar, the OP of the video introduces herself as a former employee with SIA.

She shares that a lot of her friends were unaware of any in-flight hacks regarding free beverages in economy class.


As a result, the OP has taken it upon herself to inform the general public on which drinks are free of cost on economy class flights at SIA.

“There is brandy, bourbon, whisky, vodka, gin, rum, beer,” the OP lists out, “Bailey’s… Singapore Sling.” In addition, red and white wine will be offered once requested.


Passengers may also order cocktails if they desire, such as Bloody Mary, Screwdriver or Gin and Tonic.

As for hot beverages, SIA offers coffee, tea, green tea, jasmine tea and milo free of charge. The SIA crew will prepare hot milk for passengers requesting it.

Carbonated drinks such as Coke, Coke Light, Coke Zero, Sprite, 7-Up, Tonic Water and Soda Water are available.

Passengers craving fruit juices can go for apple, orange, pineapple and tomato. They do not offer guava, grape, watermelon, mango, avocado or green apple juice.

Former SIA employee shares economy class hacks

In the second part of her series about in-flight hacks, the OP shares a few tips on obtaining free food items offered by SIA.


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She states that passengers can ask for second servings, but only if there are extras and everyone else has been served.

For those who’d like to be the first to receive their meal, all they’d have to do is “request a special meal”.

The list of special meals available has been provided by the OP within her video.


This menu includes items such as Gluten-Free Meal, Low Lactose Meal, and many more.

Passengers can also check SIA’s digital menu to view available in-flight snacks ahead of schedule. For longer flights, more snacks will be offered, such as cup noodles and assorted biscuits.


Free cake will also be offered by the crew, but only if your birthday falls on the date of the flight. The OP suggests requesting a free honeymoon or anniversary cake for those who’d like a taste anyway.

All passengers have to do is inform the flight crew ahead of schedule.

Good tips for long flights

Long flights can be pretty difficult for those among us with huge appetites.

These tips will therefore help us survive those long hours in the air, preventing us from stretching our wallets thin as well.

However, passengers are reminded that the flight crew will be attending to everyone seated in the airplane, not just a select few. Be sure not to overwhelm them with your orders.

Other than these tips, do you know any other in-flight hacks? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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