SIA Flight Attendant Spoon-Feeds 5-Year-Old Boy, Scene Touches Father’s Heart

SIA Flight Attendant Spoon-Feeds Boy On Flight From Singapore To Japan

A viral video showing a Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight attendant spoon-feeding a five-year-old boy has garnered millions of views.

The clip has also sparked a debate over whether flight attendants should be feeding young passengers and whether such a task is even part of their job scope.

Others, however, gave their kudos to the flight attendant for going the extra mile, which they say is something SIA attendants are known for.

Passenger spots flight attendant feeding son

Instagram user Michael Rutherford posted the video on 5 Dec, which has since garnered over 15 million views.

Mr Rutherford told MS News he was aboard an SIA flight from Los Angeles to Japan on 4 Dec with his five-year-old son.

Both of them were flying business class.

According to him, his son was watching a movie and relaxing and enjoying the flight while he was sitting in front.

SIA flight attendant spoon-feeds 5-year-old boy

Sometime during the flight, Mr Rutherford saw an SIA flight attendant kneeling next to his son’s seat, with one gloved hand holding out a spoon.

She proceeded to scoop up some food from the spread in front of the child and feed him while he continued to watch something on a screen.

Source: @michaelrutherfordonline on Instagram

Perhaps touched by the scene, Mr Rutherford decided to record the precious moment.

Not only did the flight attendant feed Mr Rutherford’s son, but she also knelt next to him and his friend sitting beside him.

Throughout, she talked to them, held their hand, and fed them some bites to show them kindness.

“The flight attendant was the kindest cabin host I’ve ever encountered and made our flight,” Mr Rutherford gushed.

“She was fantastic and cared so deeply for the children,” he added. “My son had a friend travelling with us and she was sitting directly across from him. They had an amazing time.”

It made me feel good knowing the staff went out of their way to make sure our kids were having an enjoyable flight experience.

He wrote in the caption to the video, “What would you do if you looked back and saw your five-year-old son being spoon-fed his dinner by the flight attendant?”

Opinions split on whether flight attendants should feed children

Contrary to Mr Rutherford’s reaction, viewers who saw the video had divided opinions on the matter, with some debating whether the flight attendant should have done what she did.

One comment that drew many likes stated that the child was old enough to feed himself.

Source: Instagram

Others discussed whether the flight attendant should have fed the boy, considering the many tasks they usually have on a flight. Nevertheless, a commenter praised attendants for being “amazing” for going the extra mile despite their many responsibilities.

Source: Instagram

But on the topic of responsibilities, many Instagram users noted that flight attendants “are not babysitters”.

Source: Instagram

Therefore, they implied that flight attendants shouldn’t have to look after passengers’ children.

Be that as it may, SIA flight attendants — among others from other airlines — have been known to step up to ensure that children on board flights are well taken care of. In fact, a man recently reunited with two kind SIA flight attendants who took special care of him when he was little.

They did that even though he was with his parents.

Certainly, some believe the boy is living his best life and expressed their praise for the “awesome flight attendant”.

Source: Instagram

Video was meant to highlight flight attendant

Regarding the comments, Mr Rutherford said they were unfortunate, as the video was meant to highlight how loving, caring, and amazing the flight attendant was.

“Naturally negative people tried to make a positive experience seem negative, saying the hostess shouldn’t be doing that or that I must be a bad parent or worse, that my son must be a spoiled brat,” he lamented.

The trip was a happy one for the pair who had a blast exploring a new country. Mr Rutherford said his five-year-old is “the kindest little boy”, refuting comments that he may be spoilt.

“None of those things are true.”

He also implied that people were perhaps a little too quick to judge based on a short video.

“The airline experience from the moment we boarded the plane was world-class, first class. The flight was 11 or 12 hours long and that clip was 20 seconds. How could anyone know what really went on?”

A lasting memory for the boy

Although one can argue that a child is old enough to care for themselves, one should take into account that different children may have different developmental stages. We wouldn’t know if the child in question here still requires assistance to eat for whatever reason.

That aside, the flight attendant appeared to have decided to help the boy on her own accord. If that was truly the case, then others shouldn’t be criticising the situation unnecessarily.

Rather, they could see her gesture as an act of kindness that we’re sure the young boy appreciated and will remember for years to come.

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