10 More Reasons To Explain #SibeiSianRecruit’s Face

One recruit’s sian face, 10 situations all Singaporeans can relate to

You should have, by now, seen that #SibeiSianRecruit who looks like he just found out Darth Vader is his dad.


Ah yes. Never has a picture ever so thoroughly encapsulated the pain (of the recruit) and joy (of his parents) that comes with enlistment day.

The picture was uploaded on Basic Military Training Centre’s official Facebook page on Tuesday (5 Jan), but was quietly deleted just when it started going viral.

But that’s okay. The internet never forgets.

And to perfectly encapsulate the internet’s everlasting memory, we’ve taken his face, and placed it in 10 other situations where Singaporeans can perfectly relate and react similarly to.

Here’s 10 more situations where a #SibeiSianRecruit face are completely appropriate.

1. When you go to 7-11…


2. When the train is filled to the brim…


3. When your new JC’s name was released…


4. When the guy said pizza will arrive in 30 mins but it’s been 2 hours…


5. When encik uses his favourite line…


6. When you tio guard duty over the holidays


7. When the Orchard Road curse rears its head again…


8. When the inevitable question appears again on CNY…


9. When a politician posts yet another selfie…


10. When you know it’s June again…


In the meantime, stay strong recruit. That confinement weekend will be over sooner than you think.

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