Over 300 Animals Walk Into S’pore Book Of Records For Largest Pet Formation Near Promenade On 6 Aug

SingaPAW Weekend At South Beach Avenue On 6 & 7 Aug

National Day is approaching fast, and there’s no better way to celebrate it than with our adorable furkids.

Three dogs celebrating SingaPAW Weekend for this year's National Day.

Image courtesy of Hope For Animals

On 6 and 7 Aug, the nonprofit volunteer group Hope For Animals celebrated National Day by organising a two-day event filled with fun activities called SingaPAW Weekend.

Over 7,000 attended the event on both days. And on the first day, many pet owners joined in for a historical pet walk alongside some of Singapore’s historical landmarks. The gathering set a new record for the largest pet formation in Singapore.

Here are some of the event’s highlights.

Singapore’s largest pet formation with 313 animals

In collaboration with members of the Singapore Specials Club, Hope For Animals organised a pet walk on the first day of SingaPAW Weekend.

Pet walk organised by SingaPAW Weekend.

Image courtesy of Hope For Animals

Over 400 pet owners joined in on the march alongside their furry little friends, visiting historical landmarks like the Padang and Victoria Concert Hall, and making new memories together.

Image courtesy of Hope For Animals

Once the walk had concluded at the concert hall, some walked back to the event at South Beach. Others stayed behind and made it into the Singapore Book of Records for the largest pet and owner formation.

Image courtesy of Hope For Animals

The record-breaking event saw a staggering number of 313 pets, comprising dogs, cats, and even bunnies, join in on the formation.

Image courtesy of Hope For Animals

Pets of all shapes and sizes can be seen at South Beach Avenue. Anyone who walked past the event that day would surely leave with a smile or pause to take photos.

Image courtesy of Hope For Animals

Learning about ants & birds at SingaPAW Weekend

Apart from the walk, there were many fun and enjoyable activities for pet owners and animals lovers to check out.

For instance, an ant exhibition offered ant lovers a view into the insect’s rare community. With an increased interest in the local ant community, there was also a first sneak peek at the specially designed ant nest for National Day.

A special ant nest designed for this year's National Day.

Image courtesy of Hope For Animals

Loo Sew Min, the recipient of the highly prestigious Special Award for Community Care, also graced the event with his presence.

With a showcase of several birds hailing from different sizes, colours and breeds, he presented quite a spectacle for eventgoers to enjoy.

Many were able to take pictures of the majestic creatures, learn about bird ownership and even witness some free-flying.

Birdies and Friends, a special event organised at SingaPaw Weekend.

Image courtesy of Hope For Animals

A range of shopping booths offered unique accessories, from portraits to family outfits.

Unique shopping booths at SingaPAW Weekend

Image courtesy of Hope For Animals

Local artists came down to do bark ornaments, with more than 50% of the proceeds donated to animal welfare groups.

Image courtesy of Hope For Animals

In addition, the event hosted an adoption drive with rescued and rehabilitated furkids looking for their forever homes.

As many as 11 animal welfare groups joined them for the cause, including Exclusively Mongrels, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), Purely Meow and more.

A worthy event for a good cause

As we commemorate our nation’s 57th birthday, it is important to remember and include our furkids in the celebrations.

After all, they, too, are eager to cherish the joyful occasion.

As the event continues today (7 Aug), we hope all who attended the SingaPAW Weekend had a great two days together with their furkids.

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Featured image courtesy of Pawfuration SG.

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