S’pore Carousellers Give Free Masks To Help Community In Need Amid Wuhan Virus Outbreak

Some Carousellers Even Buy Masks From Resellers & Give Them Away For Free

Crises can bring out the worst in people, but also provide opportunities for kind souls to shine.

The panic that the recent Wuhan virus outbreak induced has definitely shown both sides, but the latter deserve a shoutout.

Among them are several Carousell users, or Carousellers, who are giving away free masks in a time where the usually accessible item has become like gold.


Carousell shone a spotlight on these individuals in an Instagram post on Saturday (1 Feb).

Masks running out of stocks at shops

As the value of surgical masks rises with the spread of the novel coronavirus or Wuhan virus, people are scrambling to stock up.

This, despite the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) advice to use them only if one is feeling unwell.

The concern among citizens is difficult to quell, much like countless masks quickly going out of stock across the island.

Image courtesy of an MS News reader


People are willing to queue at pharmacies to buy the limited amounts available, often at fairly higher prices. But this option may not be viable for others who may not have the extra money.

Kind individuals provide free masks on Carousell

Along come several kind souls on online reselling platform Carousell, with a solution that will help those who can’t catch up with the mad rush.

One of them is Benjamin of @carwerkz.com, which sells cars and related accessories.


In light of the outbreak, Benjamin and his colleagues have added free masks to their listings, hoping “to help the community in need and [to] inspire more people to lend a helping hand during a crucial time.”

Likewise, CNG who goes by @ilovesingaporesg on Carousell also lists free masks on top of her usual array of handbags, smart phones and other trinkets.


Her concern lies with vulnerable groups like the elderly, who may have trouble getting masks for themselves.

Carousell mentioned two other users, @teacookies and @kev.h, who shared similar sentiments and have also extended a helping hand.

Spread kindness and not the virus

Whatever these people may sell online, a common purpose sets them apart from the scalpers who have taken the advantage to hike prices instead — kindness.

Going out of their way to help others in need, even by getting back at those who exploit the situation like @kev.h did, is a noble effort.


These are, of course, only a few of the many kind individuals who have contributed to the community especially in times of crisis.

If you’d like to help too, you can visit the Free Items category on Carousell to list your contribution, or link someone who needs the help to it.

Let’s spread kindness and not the virus.

Featured image adapted from @ilovesingaporesg on Carousell and @carousell.sg on Instagram.

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