Give2Asia Launches Fundraiser To Help Healthcare Workers Fighting The Wuhan Virus

Give2Asia Fundraiser Partners Chinese Public Health Organisations To Fight Wuhan Virus

While there have been grave concerns over the spread of the Wuhan virus, less attention is paid to the struggles of the medical personnel in Wuhan who are working round the clock and risking their lives to fight the coronavirus.


Last Sunday (26 Jan), Give2Asia launched an online fundraiser that allows donors to support these courageous workers.


Fundraiser to help Chinese residents fight Wuhan virus

According to the fundraiser, Give2Asia is raising funds for residents in China who “have suffered the greatest harm”.

This international campaign seeks to support the numerous health workers and hospitals working round the clock to fight the virus.

A medical worker says goodbye to a loved one as she heads to Wuhan.

As of the time of this article, the fundraiser has raised S$2.04 million (US$1.5million) within just 5 days.

The campaign’s partners include the Chinese Red Cross Foundation and Hubei Red Cross Foundation.


Donations will be used for training

Proceeds from the fundraiser will mainly be used to support medical workers and help vulnerable populations.

Using the funds, Give2Asia’s team will buy masks, protection suits, goggles, and other necessary equipment needed for treatment and containment of the virus.


The money will also go towards providing meals and lodging for the medical workers who have to travel to the affected areas.

Last but not least, Give2Asia also aims to fund long-term training and support the medical workers working on the current outbreak and future pandemics.

There aren’t many NGOs operating in China, but Give2Asia is one of them. They have received “special permission” from Chinese authorities to accept donations.

Let’s help one another

Currently, the Wuhan virus death toll is at 213, all of which are from China.

The brave medical workers are not the only ones sacrificing their time to serve those affected by the Wuhan virus. Factory workers and food deliverymen are still working hard to ensure that needs are met.

If you would like to donate using a credit card, click here. Should you want to donate via other methods or make a corporate or foundation donation, you can contact them for more information at

Let’s do what we can to lend a helping hand to those on the frontlines.

Featured image adapted from Business Insider

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