Thick Haze On 14 Sep Obscures Pretty ‘Cherry Blossoms’ & Turns Singapore Into A Foggy Japan

14 Sep Haze Overshadows ‘Cherry Blossoms’ Blooming On Singapore Trees

We’re all bothered by the haze for valid concerns like health risks and visibility.

But the haze has also disrupted what was otherwise a spring-like period in Singapore, when ‘cherry blossoms’ started blooming on trees.

‘Cherry blossoms’ in Sengkang

Now instead of beautiful sights like this, we only see thick smoke everywhere, not unlike one of those essays we’ve all written in school.

Singapore ‘Sakura season’ arrives in September

In the days prior to the haze reaching unhealthy levels, Singaporeans were enthusiastically sharing pictures of pink flowers blooming on trees.

A Singapore ‘Sakura’ tree on 12 Sep 2019

Making our tropical climate look like it’s experiencing the first throes of spring after a cold winter, the beautiful flowers were a sight to behold.

‘Sakura blossoms’ in Tampines on 14 Sep 2019

Even these cute doggos appreciated the blooms that added a refreshing touch to Singapore’s concrete jungle.


Of course, these aren’t actual Sakura or cherry blossoms, but Tabebuia Rosea or Trumpet Trees, which look close enough to the real thing.

They often bloom twice a year after a dry spell, which we all remember experiencing in recent months.

Cherry blossoms masked by thick Singapore haze

Unfortunately, happy moments are indeed fleeting, as we barely enjoyed the pretty flowers before the haze descended upon us.

‘Sakura blossoms’ & the haze in Bishan

The 24-hour Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) crossed 100 island-wide as of 10am on Sunday (15 Sep), reaching unhealthy levels.


Now instead of a mini Japan, Singapore is looking more like a foggy one, as pictures show the city shrouded in mist.


Hazy conditions to persist, but masks still available

The increase in PSI levels over the weekend is a clear indication that hazy conditions will persist as the dry weather continues.


The National Environment Agency (NEA) announced on Saturday (14 Sep) that wind blowing in from Sumatra may keep the haze at unhealthy levels.

And Singaporeans are clearly feeling the stress, as news spread of N95 masks selling out at retail stores yesterday. But NEA and the Ministry of Health (MOH) assure that new stocks are being sent out, to ensure constant supply.


In the meantime, it’s best to keep outdoor activities to a minimum, and remember to always stay hydrated in this unforgiving weather.

Featured image adapted from Reddit and Reddit.

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