This 12-Year Bidadari BTO Love Story Is The Happy Ending We Never Knew We Needed

A 12-Year Singaporean BTO Love Story Will Be The Sweetest Thing You’ve Seen All Day

“BTO ai mai?”

This is probably the most common way Singaporeans propose without directly popping the question.

Content creator Lester Lee’s touching BTO love story will definitely tug at your heart strings, and have you pining for your stead too.

You can watch the couple’s hella-cute 3-min video here, which has amassed 2.9k shares & a whopping 168,000 views.

2 typical Singaporeans with a not-so-typical love story


Singaporeans, Lester Lee and Charmaine Goh, first met 12 years ago.

Lester described his 4-years-long courtship with Charmaine as the video begins.

The chase was so long that they saw the completion of Marina Bay Sands before their relationship even started.

A tough LDR :’)

Lester and Charmaine then spent a few years apart from each other.

Charmaine had to pursue her degree in Australia, and Lester – like every Singaporean guy – had to serve his National Service.

They hilariously got together only after 183 emails, 2 confession letters, 4 dates and 3 rejections.

Adventures across the globe

Lester crafted a pretty amazing pre-wedding clip that charted their adventures across the globe together, after he finally popped the BTO question.


Of course, the couple – being Singaporean and all – decided that travelling was best done “ON A BUDGET”.

They then couch-surfed their way across the globe and forged friendships with locals.


Engaged in wild sports like skydiving.


They even went trekking in New Zealand, journeying together across “the end of the world”.


Completed a Pyongyang Marathon in North Korea.


And survived an epic calorie burn camp along The Great Wall of China.


A long-awaited wedding

Finally, as their wedding drew closer, they decided to have their wedding shoot in Beijing, inspired by their grandparents’ lasting relationship.


What followed was an unorthodox wedding preparation — the couple crafted their own wedding rings from scratch.


And designed their own invitation card, with Charmaine’s parents painstakingly penning each guest’s names on them.


Even the wedding dress was delicately made by their friends.

Bidadari BTO – SUCCESS!

The video culminates with Lester unveiling the next exciting chapter of their fairytale lives – they got their Bidadari BTO!


Although it was “expensive”, the couple is anticipating the move-in, once Bidadari is complete.

Netizens lovin’ it

This incredibly sweet and heartwarming video went viral on Facebook.

And we mean extremely viral, with a literal avalanche of congratulatory messages flooded the comments section.


Netizens chimed in with compliments about the adorable couple and their journey together.

The clip even inspired some to follow in their footsteps.


Blessed marriage to the couple

You can feel the wanderlust just by watching the video — as it’s enough to make any couple jealous.

From all of us at MustShareNews, we’d like to wish you the warmest congratulations on your wedding Lester and Charmaine.


Your new adventure awaits!

Featured image from Facebook.

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