Singapore Police Force Exploring New Tech Like Smart Glasses With Facial Recognition

Singapore Police Force Introduces New Technology At The Police Workplan Seminar

You’ve probably seen spies use cool gadgets in movies and thought that you’ll never be able to see it in Singapore.

However, you may be able to observe some of them being used by our police officers soon.


The 2019 Police Workplan Seminar (10 Apr) is a Singapore Police Force‘s (SPF) event that shows their efforts in integrating new equipment to their arsenal.

During the seminar, a few interesting items were brought up.

Smart glasses

During the seminar, SPF announced that they were exploring the possibility of using wearable technology like smart glasses. Yes, the ones you see spies wear in movies.


These glasses will supposedly provide video feeds and even facial recognition functions to better identify suspects.

Drone-equipped vehicles

Another thing that always gets spies out of sticky situations is their cars. SPF also introduced their own version of such enhanced vehicles.


The Sky Aerial Response Command (Sky ARC) are vehicles carrying 3 drones with thermal imaging capabilities.

Having thermal imaging will help police detect suspects on the run even if they are hiding in large forests.

To tackle the public’s privacy concerns, the drones will be fitted with loud sirens and markings to inform citizens of their position.

Robot mascot for education

Looking to educate the youth of today, SPF introduced a mini-robot called Mi-ASTRO.

Not the actual Mi-ASTRO.

The robot gives police information and safety tips to keep children up-to-date about the potential dangers they may face in their day-to-day lives.

To better connect with older Singaporeans, it may even include a translator function in the future.

Impact Measurement Trainer

SPF also reveals their new Impact Measurement Trainers which are manikins with force sensors.


The sensors will show how accurate and strong their one-punch is.

Trainers can then give better suggestions on how to improve their striking techniques.

Enhanced Live Firing Range

Accurate shooting is an essential skill for police officers. To better train police officers, SPF also introduced the Enhanced Live Firing Range.


The firing range uses sensors to detect the shooter’s breathing and posture. It then gives feedback to the user on how to improve.

Singapore made a safer place

As technology advances, the means of policing will also need to keep up with the times.

Hopefully, SPF continues to upgrade their tools and keep our streets safe.

If you thought these new additions are cool and are interested in handling them yourself, you can consider applying to become a police officer.

Featured image from Facebook.

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