S’poreans Rejoice As Torrential Rain Hits Most Parts Of The Island This Afternoon

Singapore Can Expect More Rain In The Coming Days

With the thick haze and sweltering heat of late, many Singaporeans have secretly been hoping for the arrival of a massive downpour.

Fortunately, our wishes came true this afternoon (25 Sep) when torrential rain hit large parts of the island.


Some Singaporeans even took to social media platforms like Facebook to celebrate the momentous occasion.


Heavy rain in Singapore started as early as 12pm

According to pictures shared on Facebook, the rain started as early as 12pm. A GrabFood rider shared this scene in the North at 12.09pm.


The heavy rain likely persisted through the hour, as seen by this picture taken at Woodlands around 1.15pm.


Northern Singapore wasn’t the only area that experienced rain. Orchard, too, witnessed a heavy downpour and shoppers had to open their umbrellas for to take cover.


Workers near Funan mall also had to brave the torrential rain during their lunch break.


Singapore to see more rain in the coming days

According to NEA, the rainy weather on Wednesday (25 Sep) is expected to stop at 3pm.

However, Singaporeans can look forward to more rain in the coming days. NEA’s 4-day outlook indicates that there will be “afternoon thundery showers” till Sunday (29 Sep), with temperatures going as low as 25°C.


So get your umbrellas ready and maybe even a jacket or windbreaker as the weather gets a lot more chill.

More rain & less haze

We hope the refreshing downpour helped to chase away Singaporeans’ mid-week gloom and brightened everyone’s dreary mood.

Here’s wishing that the rain lasts a while longer so we can enjoy the cooling weather as the skies clear up from the haze.

Did you snap pictures of the rain as well? Share them in the comments below!

Featured image adapted from Lianhe Zaobao

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