Trio Behind OKLETSGO Podcast Set Aside Own Money To Help Single Parents Tide Through Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit many segments of community hard, especially financially.

Among those receiving the toughest blows are single parents who are already struggling enough to support their families.

With some likely falling victim to pay cuts and retrenchment, 3 Singaporeans decided to band together to help.


Pooling money from their own pockets, the trio behind popular Spotify podcast OKLETSGO plan to distribute essential supplies to single parents of young children.

Donating $10,000 worth of diapers & milk formula to single parents

The trio, comprising former Ria FM DJ Dzar Ismail, Dyn Norahim and Razie, posted the appeal on their respective Facebook pages yesterday (31 Mar).


They stated that they are searching for single parents whose income have been affected by the Covid-19 outbreak and are in desperate need of milk formula and diapers.

Together, the trio have set aside $10,000 from their collective savings specially for the purchase of these items.

No special criteria is set, so any single parent who needs help is welcome to apply.

A link to an online form for applications is in the post, but you can also access it here.

Singapore needs positivity in times like these

Since tensions are high amidst the escalating Covid-19 situation, OKLETSGO thought this initiative would help lift the community’s spirit.

This is perhaps why they wish to pass the goodwill on, as they redirect any offers of donations to other non-profit organisations.

All they ask of the online community is to share the post, so those in need of help will be aware.

If you or anyone you know happens to qualify for the offer, please alert them to this heartwarming initiative.

Indeed, in times of crisis, it’s heartening to see people of all backgrounds coming together to help each other. The virus doesn’t discriminate, and so shouldn’t we.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Boys’ Town Sanctuary Care.