Updated SingPass App Profile Now Shows Your Exam Results

The moment when we collected of our national examination results is a memory that will likely stay with us for our entire lives.


While we’re glad it’s over, it’s sometimes nice to look back on those ‘glory days’ or in some cases — torturous days.

Now, the SingPass App allows you to do just that. You can easily check your N-, O-, or A-Level results right from your phone.

Results can be found under ‘Profile’ of SingPass app

Unlike some of the papers that we sat for during our schooling days, it’s pretty easy to check out your results using the SingPass app.

After logging into the app, simply click on the ‘Profile’ section and scroll down.

Image provided by an MS News reader

Under ‘Singapore-Cambridge Examination’, your O-, N-, and A-Level results will be displayed in its full glory.

Image provided by an MS News reader

So if your friends refuse to believe when you tell them you got A1 for O-Level math, you can access proof right from your smartphone.

Netizens share results after SingPass update

Netizens had a fun time sharing their results and poking fun at themselves using the new feature.

Local blogger Mrbrown is a whole mood with this tweet.

Many netizens chose to flex that 1 or 2 subjects that they got the elusive A1 for.


This netizen jokes that she quickly removed the SingPass app because it showed her “embarrassing” results.


This man, however, summed it up well — whatever the results, they mean little compared to all that we have achieved from then on.


SingPass app is extremely useful

The SingPass app has proven to be very useful to Singaporeans lately.

These days, it is often used as an alternative way to perform SafeEntry as we check in and out of places.

The newly updated SingPass app contains even more personal details like IC and passport information.

With our national examination results now on the app, you can now whip your phone out and show your friends just how smart you are, or at least, used to be.

Have a good laugh looking back

While Singaporeans might be on the fence about the relevance of the new update, we can all have a good laugh as we look back on our past academic results.

Whether the results are deemed worthy to be proud of, we can at the very least, be glad that that part of our life is over and done with.

What do you think of the new SingPass app update? Let us know in the comments down below.

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Featured image adapted from MS News.