SingPost Will Send Small Parcels To Your Letterbox So No Need To Camp At Home For Deliveries

SingPost Will Stop Sending Registered Mail Below 2kg Directly To Houses

Ever had an encounter where a postman knocks on your door and leaves before you had a chance to answer?

Many of us would’ve probably made that dreaded trip to the nearest SingPost office to collect a package we missed because we ‘weren’t at home’.

But that may change soon, as SingPost will stop delivering mail weighing 2kg and below directly to homes.

SingPost will stop delivering mail to doorsteps

From 2 Dec 2019, SingPost will stop doorstep delivery for small parcels, as confirmed in a press release on Wednesday (30 Oct).


Under the new policy, parcels weighing 2kg and below in the Basic or Tracked Packages categories will go straight to residents’ letterboxes.


What this means for us is that we won’t have to be home to receive the packages. So no more missed deliveries and unnecessary trips to the post office.

Both tracked & normal parcels go to letterboxes

The different mail and parcel categories will also be renamed in the following manner:

  • Ordinary Mail will be Basic Mail – for letters and printed papers up to 500g
  • Basic Package ($0.90-$3.50 delivery) – for small parcels, without tracking or notification
  • Tracked Package ($3.20-$4.80 delivery) – for small parcels with tracking

Doorstep deliveries will still be available upon request or for larger parcels, but will be via Speedpost courier services.

The Registered Article service, which customers have been using to send sign-for packages, will only cover important letters or documents.

Soon to be Registered Service (Singapore), customers can no longer use this service to send small packages.

Increase in international airmail rates

On top of the local delivery methods, international airmail rates are also set to increase by roughly $0.10 to $0.20 from 2 Dec.

You can see the a comprehensive list of all the changes in the table below:


So before you head to the post office in December, remember to take note of the above changes. Let’s hope that these will really improve efficiency, as SingPost projected.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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