Once Skinny Rabbit ‘Haru’ Celebrates 1st Anniversary Since Rescue, Is Now Chonky & Well-Fed

Rescue stories are among the best ones, because we get to see how far victims have come since encountering their saviours.

Animals lovers may remember the tragic story of Haru, the malnourished, skinny rabbit who was found along a HDB corridor in Sep 2019.


From having weighed less than a bottle at the time of the rescue, House Rabbit Society Singapore (HRSS) celebrated the 1 year ‘rescue-versary’ of the bunny on Facebook with a short video clip of Haru enjoying a special cake.


Here’s their post dated Wednesday (9 Sep), we summarise Haru’s incredible journey to recovery below.


Was a skinny rabbit when rescued from HDB in 2019

Just a year ago, Haru had been living in extreme conditions outside a HDB corridor. HRSS documented his dramatic rescue from a netted & wired cage floor, and being only fed carrots.


Some may recall that tiny Haru appeared so malnourished that he looked ‘mouse-like’.


But volunteers successfully persuaded Haru’s owners to hand him over to seek a vet’s help.


Haru was weighed and clocked in at 490g, when a healthy rabbit of his breed should weigh at least 1kg. He was then showered with hay, pellets and a cage-free enclosure as his road to recovery began.

Loves a good sayang & is now a HRSS ambassador

Flash forward to a year later, Haru is now a chonky, fluffy bunny who loves pats & a good sayang.


He’s even been dubbed an HRSS Education Ambassador who fronted a calendar to raise funds for the charity.


The family that neglected to care for him has also been “penalised” for their “lack of duty of care” for Haru after 6 months by the Agri-Veterinary Society (AVS).

All’s well that ends well

We’re extremely glad that 2020 has been going well for Haru, whose tenacity in overcoming a hard start to life will inspire us all to keep going.

Kudos to those who’ve been working hard behind-the-scenes to ensure that bunnies like Haru get a second chance at life.

Most of all, we hope that this story will inspire us to consider the ‘Adopt Don’t Shop’ movement & not to become a furparent unless we’re absolutely ready for the long-term commitment.

Do you remember the story of Haru? We’d love to hear your thoughts on his incredible journey in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from House Rabbit Society Singapore on Facebook.