Snake Devours Cat & Regurgitates It In Boon Lay, AVS Clears Carcass

Snake Spotted Trying To Swallow Cat Whole In Boon Lay On 16 Jun

Note: The images below might be disturbing to some readers.

Despite Singapore’s reputation as a modern city, it’s in fact teeming with wildlife. While many of us might’ve marvelled at Mother Nature’s creations before, every now and then, we also get reminded of just how cruel the natural world is.

On Thursday (16 Jun), a Facebook user shared footage showing a snake devouring a cat in Boon Lay. However, when the lady neared the snake, it regurgitated. With the cat carcass still lying on the road, the serpent slithered down a nearby drain.

The Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS) were later informed of the incident and helped to clear the cat carcass.

Boon Lay snake swallows & regurgitates cat

On Thursday (16 Jun) morning, the Facebook user spotted a snake along Boon Lay Avenue.

Source: Sayang Our Singapore’s Community Cats on Facebook

The slithering reptile appeared to have swallowed something whole. However, it began regurgitating its prey soon after.

snake cat boon lay

Source: Sayang Our Singapore’s Community Cats on Facebook

At one point, the lady realised it was a cat that the snake had devoured.

In a subsequent video, the snake was seen retreating into a nearby drain, leaving the cat’s carcass along the roadside.

snake cat boon lay

Source: Sayang Our Singapore’s Community Cats on Facebook

AVS arrives & clears cat carcass

Another photo shared by the Facebook user showed the cat carcass with a bloodied head.

snake cat boon lay

Source: Sayang Our Singapore’s Community Cats on Facebook

According to the Facebook post, AVS was subsequently informed of the incident and arrived to clear the carcass.

Call NParks or ACRES for help

Encountering a snake, let alone one that’s feeding on prey, is not common in Singapore.

According to National Parks Board (NParks), it’s better to observe from a safe distance if you happen to come across one of these reptiles.

Members of the public are also urged not to approach or attempt to handle the snake.

If there is any cause for concern, do contact NParks or Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES).

Part of the circle of life

It is unclear if the cat was injured prior to being eaten by the snake.

While unfortunate, it is also all part and parcel of the circle of life.

Our thanks go out to AVS officers who arrived at the scene to clear the snake’s waste. May the cat rest in peace.

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Featured image adapted from Cynthia Ong on Facebook.

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