Somerset Belt’s Original Music Video Celebrates An Iconic Space For Youth Interests & Aspirations

Somerset Belt Music Video Features Youths From Different Walks Of Life & Interests

Growing up in Singapore, it’s almost impossible to not have set foot in Somerset. With cheap eats, a central location, and shops that serve every interest under the sun, there is no place quite like it on our island.

As a hub for youths to discover themselves, the Somerset Belt has become an iconic space for them to pursue their interests and aspirations.

In tribute to its symbolism, three of Singapore’s hottest young artists, along with several local creatives, have featured in an exclusive music production celebrating the Somerset Belt.

The lyrics and visuals take us through experiences around the Somerset Belt area, comprising a stretch of five notable landmarks that provides youths with a space to call their own.

Let’s delve into what this hip and happening area is all about as captured in the groovy music video.

Explore cool spots for youths at Somerset

Local songstress Hashy Yusof (@hashyyusof) kicks things off with her velvety voice as she sings about having a good time with her girlfriends.

Image courtesy of Somerset Belt

We follow her as she heads to 111 Somerset, where youths can check out numerous stores such as aesthetic cafes and Hvala.

Just as Hashy does in the music video, you can catch up with friends here over a cuppa, while taking a break from shopping sprees across town.

Image courtesy of Somerset Belt

If the caffeine has you pumped up, stop by Halfpipe next to pick up a skateboard or relevant sporting gear so you can participate in some adrenaline-fuelled activities.

Image courtesy of Somerset Belt

On your way to try those activities, visit a legendary lepak spot among Singapore youths, where you can pick out streetwear and other affordable items to complete your look.

Meet like-minded friends at *SCAPE

The location we’re referring to is none other than *SCAPE, which has long been a popular meeting point for youths in Singapore for a myriad of reasons.

Image courtesy of Somerset Belt

Besides the dancers practising their moves across the many floors, shopaholics can score attractive deals at the flea market in the basement.

TikTok-famous singer-songwriter YAØ (@yaogotwav) takes us through the retail space, with shops selling everything from clothing to handcrafted knick-knacks.

Image courtesy of Somerset Belt

Also a popular venue for many concerts and events, youths with various interests ranging from sneakerheads to K-pop stans have converged at *SCAPE to check out the hottest happenings.

Across the road is The Red Box, aka the headquarters of the Youth Corps Singapore (YCS), a national institute that champions volunteerism among the younger generation.

The Somerset Youth Park next to it houses the iconic red bus, another space for young artists and performers to showcase their craft in public.

Local creators who make cameos in the music video, including artist Tobyato (@tobyato), photographer Jaegan Tan (@jaegentan), and street artist Klem (@eyeamklem), have all worked their magic here.

Image courtesy of Somerset Belt

Youths can follow in their footsteps as this area is an invaluable space for them to express themselves — whether it’s through graffiti strokes or polishing the dancefloor clean with their moves.

Try out street sports at Somerset Skate Park

With your new skateboard in hand and a ‘hypebeast’ fit thanks to clothes from *SCAPE, make a final stop at the Somerset Skate Park to engage in roller and cycle sports.

Bilingual local rapper Yung Raja (@yungraja) shows us just how the cool kids roll there, as he spits lightning-quick verses about the ever-bustling park that opened in 2006.

Image courtesy of Somerset Belt

Do your best Tony Hawk impersonation as you have a go at the ramps, bowls, and pipes alongside expert skateboarders.

Those who may not be up for the thrill can admire the works of graffiti artists instead, as they show off their skills on the street art wall.

As one culture bleeds into another, Somerset Skate Park has long been a melting pot of all things street and will continue to do so for years to come.

Somerset Belt a place for youths to make a mark

Just like how the Somerset Belt‘s identity is the product of youths’ creativity, this music video came to be thanks to the collective talent of Singapore’s artists who came together to create something we can be proud of.

Conceptualised by creative agency DSTNCT, filmed by The Island Boys, and tuned perfectly by producing whizzes Evanturetime and Jason Gelchen, it’s a catchy song and video that all young Singaporeans can vibe with.

Not forgetting cameos by local talents like Farris Rahman (@farrisrahman), Yik Keat (@yk), Alif Aircho (@alifaircho), Sebastian Too (@toofrigginyummy), and Naomi Alex (@naomialex), who represent the various youth groups that often populate the Somerset Belt.

Source: @somersetbeltsg on Instagram

Like these famous local talents, youths can make their mark by taking part in the Realise Your Somerset Project.

Whether it’s a dance showcase, art exhibition or music festival, share your project ideas for things you’d like to see at the Somerset Belt through the Realise Your Somerset Belt Project by 12 Jun 2022 and receive one-on-one mentorship and up to 100% funding to bring your concepts to life.

Get started by registering your interest here. You can also find out more about Somerset Belt and other exciting programmes available on their website here.

Somerset Belt is the cradle of all things creative

Nestled in the bustling shopping area in Orchard, some may think Somerset is just one of many retail locations in town.

But stop for a visit and you’ll be surprised to find a buzzing creative community there, full of youths with exciting visions and talents.

Everybody’s welcome to be a part of this group, so let’s keep the buzz alive and join in the activities alongside musicians, dancers, entrepreneurs, and other young creatives.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Somerset Belt.

All images courtesy of Somerset Belt unless stated otherwise.

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