Woman Seen Abusing Helpless Puppy In WhatsApp Video; SPCA Appeals For Info To Seek Justice

SPCA Seeking Information On “Horrific” Abuse Of Puppy In WhatsApp Video

Guard your feelings, as this is not news for the fainthearted. Especially if you love puppies.

A woman is purported to have “horrifically” abused a puppy by “burning its eyes” and “breaking its limbs”.

As if that’s not heartrending enough, the puppy was forced to suffer in silence as “its mouth was tied shut”, according to SPCA Singapore’s Facebook post on Friday (30 Aug).


SPCA Singapore believes that the incident may not have occurred in Singapore. But they’re appealing for information to seek the truth and justice for the poor puppy.

Video of puppy abuse circulating on WhatsApp

SPCA Singapore shares that the video of the “horrific” puppy abuse has been making rounds on WhatsApp.

It features a woman – as seen in the screenshots above and below – apparently torturing the puppy using inhumane methods like “burning its eyes” and “breaking its limbs.”


The puppy’s mouth is tied shut.

Based on the woman’s expressions, she seems to have no qualms showing her face while puffing on a cigarette in the video as she holds the puppy.

Urgently appealing for information

SPCA Singapore mentioned that there are indications that this incident may not have taken place in the country. But they’re seeking your help if you know anything about the video.

We are exploring all possibilities and urgently appealing for credible information to seek justice for the puppy.

So, if you know the identity and whereabouts of the woman, do contact the relevant agencies in your respective countries.

Alternatively, you can e-mail inspector@spca.org.sg, and they will “relay the message in strict confidence.”

Refrain from circulating video

If you happen to come across the video on WhatsApp or other messaging platforms, SPCA Singapore advises not to circulate it. Their reason being,

There are syndicates that profit from animal torture films, including some that are produced for sexual fetish.

So, do take note of this.

Netizens condemn woman’s alleged cruelty

News of the woman’s alleged cruelty sparked an outrage among animal lovers.

A Facebook user left an emotional comment, complete with multiple crying emojis. She said she could not bear to watch further and the video made her cry.


Another Facebook user hopes that authorities will track down the woman as soon as possible. She’s afraid more animals could suffer the same fate as the puppy in her hands.


Fellow Facebook user thinks that the video could have emerged from the Dark Web, and vehemently condemns the nature of its activities.


Hoping justice prevails

We find it incredibly distressing to learn how humans take advantage of vulnerable creatures. No living being – human or animal – deserve the kind of treatment the puppy was subjected to.

No matter which country the culprit is from, we hope that the authorities will step in and swiftly take action against those responsible.

Featured image adapted from SPCA Singapore on Facebook.  

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