SPF Officers Personally Deliver Police Pal Booklet To Schoolboy After He Asks For An Extra Copy

SPF Officers Visit Primary School Boy’s House After Receiving Email

Our men in blue at the Singapore Police Force (SPF) are our everyday heroes, and it’s no wonder that many of us, especially young children, look up to them.

As part of the Police Pal programme, primary school students in Singapore each receive a small booklet from SPF to give them a better understanding of the police.

Hoping to get an extra set for his brother, a Sengkang Green Primary school student wrote a letter to SPF.

On Monday (7 Mar), the SPF shared that they could not say no to his adorable request.

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Police officers even headed over to the boy’s home and personally delivered the booklet.

Boy writes to SPF to request for extra booklet

On Monday (7 Mar), SPF shared the letter they received from a boy named Tristan Chong.

The Sengkang Green Primary School student started the letter with a courteous greeting, “Hi, Mr Policeman”.

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The boy introduced his name and school before sharing about the Police Pal Level 1-Trainee booklet that he had received from his school teacher.

He added that his brother, who is only in kindergarten, does not have the booklet.

Tristan asked for one more booklet so his younger brother “doesn’t snatch my (his) PTU car”.

The primary schoolboy ended his letter politely with a “please” and attached a photo of him happily posing with his paper police officers and vehicles.


SPF officers visit primary school boy’s home

Upon receiving Tristian’s letter, the police officers could not say no to his request.

The Sengkang Neighbourhood Police Centre officers even headed over to Tristan’s house at Sengkang West Way to fulfil the boy’s wish.

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The young siblings seemed overjoyed after receiving the extra set of Police Pal booklets.

They smiled widely as they posed for a photo with the police officers.

Kudos to police officers for making the trip down

Hopefully, Tristian’s parents did not get a shock when police officers greeted them at the door.

Jokes aside, now that Tristian’s brother has his Police Pal booklet, we hope they both enjoy playing with their police car models together.

Kudos to the police officers who made the memorable trip down to fulfil Tristan’s wish. We’re sure it made it all the more special for the boys.

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Featured image adapted from Google Maps and Singapore Police Force on Facebook.

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