S’pore To See 22°C Sweater Weather In Late July Leading Up To NDP

More Rainy Weather In Late-July, But Temperature Could Still Reach Maximum Of 34°C

Singapore has been blessed with cooler weather of late, and that’s likely to continue as we approach National Day.

For the last 2 weeks of July, Singaporeans can expect to see temperatures dip as low as 22°C, with thundery showers on many days.


Daily temperature expected between 24 and 33°C

According to Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS), the daily temperature is forecast to range between 24°C and 33°C.

Showers are also expected on many days for the next 2 weeks, especially during late mornings and afternoons.


As a result of the rainy weather, temperatures could fall to as low as 22°C.

That said, the daily maximum temperature could still reach a scorching 34°C on a couple of days.

The first fortnight of July has seen us through many cooling days, but get ready for many more.

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More Wet Weather ahead

Time to prepare for a rainy day, or rather, many rainy days ahead, for the wet weather we have seen from early-July is likely to persist.


In fact, we are likely to see more rainfall over the next 2 weeks as compared to early-July.

So remember to bring along your umbrellas if you’re heading out, in addition to your masks and bottle of hand sanitiser.

Stay home sweater weather

With a rainy July ahead of us and the Covid-19 virus still lurking, perhaps it might be wiser to spend some quality time with family indoors, or just catch up on some Netflix shows.

We hope everyone enjoys the cool weather ahead, but stay dry so as to not catch a cold.

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