Cooling Off Day Lives Up To Name, S’pore Blessed With Aircon Weather On 9 Jul

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Cold 22.9°C Weather On Cooling Off Day Amuses Netizens

With the intense drama and campaigning happening in the last few weeks, yesterday’s Cooling Off Day (9 Jul) finally let us see a break from all things political.


Surprisingly, even Mother Nature needed some time to cool off as Singaporeans islandwide experienced natural aircon weather on Cooling Off Day.

We’ve also researched Polling Day’s weather forecast, to help you prep for your trip to polling stations this afternoon.

Cooling Off Day temperature dipped to 22.9°C

On Cooling Off Day (9 Jul), local temperatures dipped to a low 22.9°C around Pasir Panjang right before 8.00am, reports The Straits Times.

Cooling Off Day weatherSource

When afternoon rolled around, it reached between 25°C and 26°C across the island, leaving many of us draping our sweaters close.

Polling Day will have sweater weather as well

Polling Day’s (10 Jul) weather is expected to be on the cool side as well — with cloudy weather forecast across most parts of Singapore.


Late afternoon showers are also on the cards, according to Meteorological Service Singapore’s (MSS) forecast.


You may not want to wash your sweaters just yet as temperatures are expected to go as low as 25°C today — definitely good news for voters heading to polling stations.


Best to bring an umbrella, however, if you spot overcast skies when leaving the house in the North & Eastern regions — the possibility of afternoon showers looms on the horizon.

South-west monsoon & Sumatra squalls linked to rainy season

The recent spate of thunderstorms have been linked to the Southwest Monsoon that’s currently hitting the Southeast Asian region.


The merging of winds around the Sumatran region has also been cited as another reason for the recent rainy season.

Cold weather enjoyed by Singaporeans

This cooling weather was enjoyed by almost all Singaporeans, with some rejoicing about it on Facebook.

Cooling Off Day commentsSource

One netizen even declared how the weather helped his skin condition as it was “prone to eczema”.


Others found time to make puns about the coincidence of the weather and date.

Cooling Off Day Pun


Get ready an umbrella along with your poll card

We’re glad that Cooling Off Day did indeed live up to its name this year, thanks to Mother Nature.

As citizens proceed to cast their votes this afternoon, remember to bring along your umbrellas & raincoats if you live in the North & East of Singapore.

All the best to voters heading out today, and stay safe.

Featured image adapted from Unsplash & Unsplash.

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