‘Hazed & Confused’ Spotify Playlist Trends In S’pore Again & We Love It PSI 300

Spotify Perfectly Captures Our Haze Mood In This Playlist

If you have been in Singapore for the past week, you would have noticed that the haze is back. It’s something every Singaporean can agree on, and won’t stop talking about.

To go with the vibes, Spotify has curated a playlist containing songs that perfectly reflect the hazy situation in Singapore, aptly named “Hazed and Confused”.


From songs like “No Air” by Chris Brown and Jordin Sparks to “Burn” by Ellie Goulding, the titles cannot be any more on point.

Songs on Spotify’s haze playlist

The 69-song playlist includes songs that match what every Singaporean is feeling now.

The song by the famous band Maroon 5 “Harder To Breathe” for example accurately describes how suffocating the thick haze must be, especially for those with respiratory conditions.

Source: Spotify App

“Kills You Slowly” by The Chainsmokers, though somewhat dark, echoes how dramatically some of us are reacting to the current haze situation.


We don’t know when the haze will stop, but maybe it will magically disappear if we sleep through it and wake up when September ends.

Source: Spotify app

Despite the long song list, netizens have more to add, including titles like “Every Breath You Take” by Police and “Dirty Air” by Two Door Cinema Club.


Clearly, the haze hasn’t dampened our creative juices.

On a slightly serious note

Even though this playlist won’t make your lungs feel better, at least it will provide you with some refreshing tunes to chill out to.

With the haze getting worse, do remember to stay hydrated and refrain from participating in strenuous physical activities.

What other songs do you think should be on this hazy playlist? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured image adapted from Spotify and The Finder.

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