SIA offers compensation to SQ321 passengers, those with serious injuries to receive S$33.8K advance payment

sq321 flight compensation

SIA announces compensation offers to SQ321 passengers

On Tuesday (11 June), Singapore Airlines (SIA) announced that it had sent out compensation offers to passengers onboard the SQ321 flight on 20 May.

The flight, which encountered severe turbulence en route to Singapore from London, resulted in the death of one passenger and multiple injuries.

sq321 flight

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The airline confirmed that the offers were sent out on Monday (10 June).

Airline offers S$33.8K to SQ321 passengers with more serious injuries

In a statement on Tuesday (11 June) morning, SIA apologised to the affected passengers for the “traumatic experience”.

“We are committed to providing our full support and assistance during this time,” the airline wrote.

As part of its compensation packages, SIA has offered passengers who sustained “minor injuries” US$10,000 (S$13,532).

SIA added that it had invited passengers with more serious injuries to discuss compensation offers that would fulfil their unique circumstances “when they feel well and ready to do so”.

For now, an advance payment of US$25,000 (S$33,834) has been offered to those medically assessed to have suffered serious injuries, requiring long-term medical care, and seeking financial assistance.

SIA noted that this is part of the final compensation that these passengers will receive.

All passengers onboard SQ321 flight to receive full refund of airfare

In addition, all passengers will receive a full refund of their airfare. This includes those who did not sustain injuries from the incident.

A delay compensation will also be given to them.

SIA further shared that all passengers were given S$1,000 for immediate expenses when they departed from Bangkok.

The airline has also been assisting injured passengers by covering their medical fees and arranging for their loved ones to travel to Bangkok upon request.

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