Starbucks Changi Baristas Find Lost Phone, Rush To Find Owner At Boarding Gate

Starbucks Changi Baristas Took A Selfie Before Returning Phone To Singaporean Man

You’re moments away from leaving on a flight. You reach into your bag or pocket to check for messages. But a heart-stopping moment stops you dead in your tracks.

Where’s your phone? It’s missing.

You’ll probably spend the next good hour thrashing about, trying to retrace your steps. Fortunately for this man, 2 Starbucks Changi baristas found his lost phone, saving him heaps of trouble.

The baristas even cheekily took a selfie with his phone before returning it.


In the man’s Reddit post on Tuesday (25 Jun), he shared the selfie taken by the two adorable baristas on his phone, expressing thanks.

Wholesome event of the day, y’all.

Lost his phone before boarding the plane

In the accompanying comment, the man related that he was about to fly off for his business trip when he realised his phone was missing.


At the same time, the Starbucks Changi baristas found his phone and rushed all the way to the boarding gate to meet the man.

The man said he was in a hurry to board his flight and couldn’t thank them properly at the time. Hence, his Reddit post.

They also managed to sneak a selfie into his phone album before returning the phone, much to his surprise.


Aww, too cute.


Netizens praised Starbucks Changi baristas for their kindness

Netizens are throwing bouquets for these exemplary baristas, who were presumably on duty at Changi Airport’s Terminal 2 Starbucks outlet.

One Redditor encouraged the man to inform Starbucks Changi’s management of the baristas’ good deeds, for “this is what exceptional customer service looks like”.


Another Redditor recognised the female barista as her friend, and offered to pass on the thanks.


Much was said about the female barista’s eyeliner, which as you can see, was on fleek in the selfie.


A little kindness goes a long way

Despite many people saying that kindness is fading from modern society, the Starbucks Changi baristas prove that there is still hope for humanity.

We are glad that the man had his lost phone returned to him, with a pleasant surprise at the end. It may be cliché, but acts of kindness do go a long way, as you can see.

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Featured image from Starbucks Singapore and Reddit.

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