Heartbreaking Pictures Of The Invisible Poor In Singapore

Singapore, with its top-ranking GDP per capita, is known internationally as a wealthy country.

While many may be familiar with the glitzy and glamorous side of Singapore, less is known about the less fortunate who live among us.

Bhai Hafiz Angullia, a Singapore-born CEO, recently shared a collection of Facebook photos on Thursday (4 Apr), all of which showcase the hard truths we ought to talk about as a society.

You can view his full compilation of images here, the album has already received over 3.7k shares at the time of writing.

There may not be time stamps on the photos and some seem to have been taken a while ago, but we think they still aptly capture the stories of some Singaporeans that many citizens aren’t privy to.

1. Collecting cardboard is his livelihood

For many of us, cardboard may be nothing more than packaging for our various products. But for this uncle, collecting them is his livelihood


2. Auntie walking the streets of the CBD

Just another day at work in the CBD for this auntie, not in some fancy office building, but out on the streets collecting what others deem disposable.


3. Sleeping on newspaper

This is a rather dated photograph, as evidenced by the FairPrice logo.

But the image of an auntie sleeping on newspapers as plastic bags of groceries line her makeshift bed, is a striking one.


4. Selling tissue along Orchard Road

Some splurge on branded bags along the atas Orchard shopping district.

This uncle selling packets of tissue paper can probably afford nothing of the sort. A familiar sight that we see outside our MRT stations — most of us walk on by without acknowledging their presence.


5. Collecting packaging outside grocery stores

As a lady tucks barang-barang and groceries into her car trunk, an elderly lady is captured folding & collecting cardboard originally used to contain them.

This is yet another situation many of us find ourselves in, but are probably unaware of.


6. Waste not, want not

This uncle hopes to find something salvageable in what others have decided to recycle. Metal cans in particular can be recycled for money.


7. Auntie pushing cart along the walkway

If you’re a motorist who often gets frustrated over the duration of the red pedestrian light, spare a thought for this auntie about to cross the road next time.


8. Uncle sleeping in the streets

This uncle isn’t having a flea market sale to sell his excess belongings. This is all he has.


9. Dresses smart, regardless of the job scope

This uncle’s dedication to dressing professionally despite working an odd job is truly commendable.


10. Drenched in sweat, trying to make ends meet

This uncle who appears to be literally drenched in sweat while moving a mountain of cardboard in the sweltering heat truly breaks our hearts.


11. We can all chip in to help

But at times, life is slightly better, with the help of kind-hearted members of the public.


Let’s help to make their lives better

While it may be impossible to eradicate poverty completely, all of us can do our part to help make their lives better.

These forms of assistance need not necessarily be monetary in nature too.

For instance, simple acts of kindness like helping an elderly cardboard collector carrying a heap of cardboard cross the road, or being more patient at traffic junctions could go a long way.

Next time you see someone in need, offer help. Who knows, you may very well make their day with that small gesture of yours.

Featured image from Facebook and Facebook.