Starbucks Japan Has Private Booths For Savvy Patrons To Work From Café

Starbucks CIRCLES At Ginza Has Private Booths At Café

The age of social distancing is changing the way we collaborate with schoolmates and colleagues. In Japan, Starbucks is adapting to the new normal by launching private booths for loyal patrons.

Starbucks Coffee CIRCLES Ginza outlet has individual booths where you can focus on your tasks and contact colleagues through video calls.

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This business-savvy branch is a collaboration with Think Lab, which is known for its co-working spaces. Since we think the concept is perfect for social distancing, let’s take a closer look before praying it reaches Singapore’s shores soon.

Private booths for max focus

Many espresso lovers visit Starbucks for a much-needed pick-me-up to finish an upcoming deadline or project. However, sometimes nearby conversations distract us from our original purpose.

Starbucks’ Ginza store hopes to change the game by launching private booths where you can immerse yourself on your laptop or concentrate on finishing readings from professors.

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Some booths function as semi-private rooms for Zoom meetings and video calls. While waiting for your colleagues, you can easily organize your thoughts and prepare for the upcoming discussion.

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Concentration can easily be hampered by sounds and surroundings, but these booths compel you to focus on work alone.


Meetings with social distancing

In-person meetings are a must-have for negotiations with business partners and clients. That’s exactly why their Smart Lounge is equipped with comfy sofas and long tables for business meetings.


Several coffee tables also enable patrons to engage in long-discussions from a safe distance. Plus, the window seat gives you an opportunity to soak in the cityscape of Ginza.


Contactless purchases

Just like most Starbucks branches, this location has resident baristas preparing your frappuccinos and a counter for pastries.


For a safe customer experience, it also supports cashless payments and contactless mobile orders.

Hoping for private booths to reach S’pore soon

Due to the pandemic, some of us are working remotely and seem wary of spending our afternoons in local cafés. We can’t tell what the future holds, but we’re hoping that our very own Starbucks outlets will have private booths for social distancing and maximum productivity.

Unfortunately, Singaporeans are not allowed to travel for leisure due to Covid-19 so we can’t visit this innovative co-working space ourselves yet.

For now, you can head to the Think Lab Ginza website to learn more about this savvy location. Rates for reserving private booths start at S$3.90 (¥300) for 15 minutes.

Starbucks Coffee CIRCLES Ginza Store
Address: CIRCLES GINZA 3-7-6 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-0061
Contact number: 03-6228-6715
Business hours: 7am-10:30pm

Even when the pandemic ends, private booths seem to be a must-have for patrons hoping to finish up their work-related tasks. Here’s to hoping we can also experience this in local outlets close to home too.

Featured image from Starbucks Japan and Think Lab.

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